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SOTERA is the research group for Health and Wellbeing Architecture within the Department of Architecture at Aalto University. Our work supports Aalto University’s focus areas of Health and Wellbeing and Human-centred living environments.

What do we do?

R&D Projects
SOTERA’s research and development activities fall in the focus areas of Aalto University, Health and Wellbeing and Human Centered Living Environments.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration
We collaborate with national and international researchers in the social and health care sector. We work with Finnish municipalities, ministries, organizations and private companies.

Articles and Publications
The research group’s work has scientific and societal impact. We publish scientific articles, and commissioned reports related to the R&D projects

Keynotes and Seminars
The staff members of SOTERA give keynote lectures and organize international seminars and conferences in the area of Health and Wellbeing Architecture.
Latest conference was organized in June 2021:

Sotera Team

Sotera Team

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Department of Architecture
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Soteran Hankkeet

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Department of Architecture

Sotera Publications

List of publications from the Sotera Research Group

Department of Architecture

Sotera Events

List of past and upcoming events organized by Sotera.

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