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Meet the members of the research group and learn about their research interests. Click on the names to access full research profiles.

Sotera Leadership


Laura Arpiainen
[email protected]

Laura is the Professor of Health and Wellbeing Architecture at Aalto University and director of SOTERA.  Her interests lie in diversity, wellbeing, integrated and human-centered care, and the effects of the built environment on health.

Ira Verma

Ira Verma
[email protected]

Ira is a researcher (D.Sc. in Architecture) in SOTERA. Her research focus is on the housing and living environments for older people, and inclusive user-centered design. The topic of her doctoral dissertation was “Housing Design for All – The challenges of ageing in urban planning and housing design”. 

Collaborating Researchers 


Jonna Taegen
[email protected]

Jonna is a doctoral student at SOTERA and serves as project manager of the ‘Viable Communities’ project.


Freja Ståhlberg-Aalto
[email protected]

Freja is a visiting researcher at SOTERA. Her 2020 dissertation was titled ‘The Aesthetics and Architecture of Care Environment.

Collaborating Professors


Pirjo Sanaksenaho
[email protected]

Pirjo is the Professor of Building Design at Aalto University, the Department Head of the School of Architecture and former director of SOTERA. Pirjo’s 2017 dissertation was titled ‘Moderni Koti’.


Anssi Joutsiniemi
[email protected]

Anssi is the Professor of Urban Development and Modelling at Aalto University and the director of the cross-disciplinary Urban Studies and Planning program.

Collaborating Research Assistants 

Liisa Ryynänen, Architect
Raisa Mäkinen, Architecture student
Shreya Shrivastava, Master's Design student 

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