Contemporary Design

Product and Form I + II

The topics of the course belong to the fundamentals of design capability. The course gives the students an opportunity to focus on form and aesthetics and deepen their skills. They learn to master a reflective process of visual design and build personal repertoire of visual precedents. The course gives the students advanced skills in form giving and the aesthetical design of physical industrial products. The course addresses a critical viewpoint of understanding dominant aesthetic conceptions and ways of perceiving products, design and form. Individual design processes and form giving is reflected against these perceptions. Students get to experiment with and perfect their skills with a range of visual manual and digital design tools and methods such as mood boarding, sketching, design drawing and computer aided design tools. They become competent with contemporary techniques in design visualisation and they learn to justify their solutions visually and verbally.
Product and Form CoDe
BeoLab S by Tuomas Hämäläinen_2016. Bang & Olufsen Project
Lecturer Simo Puintila


Product & Form Project

Product and form is 7-week collaboration project with external stakeholder run in the Design department of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Photos: Tuomas Hämäläinen, Ville Piippo.

Sound meets form in the digital age

Design students collaborate with Bang & Olufsen to create LOUD: a brave vision for contemporary audio in the home.


Prizes, Awards and Recognitions 

Simo_Puntilla_iF Design Talent Award 2018_Marina Baranova_SAUNA HABITS_Sauna stowe_Forms From Steam_2017_CoDe_LowRes
Marina Baranova | SAUNA HABITS

Sauna Habit by Marina Baranova

Golden Design Award Winner -Home Appliances Design Award Category2017-2018


Tuomas Hämäläinen ja Joska Heikkilä
Model no1 by Joska Heikkilä / BeoLab S by Tuomas Hämäläinen

LOUD - In collaboration with Bang & Olufsen 2015-2016

Students Tuomas Hämäläinen and Joska Heikkilä did an internship at Bang & Olufsen after the course. They also did their MA-thesis works for Beocreate at Bang & Olufsen. After graduating form CoID (Collaborative Industrial Design Programme) they have both continued in close collaboration with B&O.

Joska Heikkilä works at Valour Design (a company previously named David Lewis Design), the design consultancy behind several iconic B&O products.

Tuomas Hämäläinen lives in Finland but works as a freelancer with B&O as his main client.

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