Contemporary Design

Lecturer Simo Puintila

Lecturer Simo Puintila
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simo puintila
Simo Puintila

I have a background in industrial design and my main interests are in product design, aesthetics of design and built environment generally. I believe there are many different ways of being a designer and therefore it is important that we can support the whole variety of different professional identities within our program.


Product and Form CoDe

Product and Form I + II

The topics of the course belong to the fundamentals of design capability. The course gives the students an opportunity to focus on form and aesthetics and deepen their skills.

Contemporary Design

Latest publications

ARTEFAKTI (curation)

Simo Puintila, Anna van der Lei , Nathalie Lautenbacher 2023


Simo Puintila 2023

Sauna heater

Simo Puintila 2023

Forms of Light (curator)

Simo Puintila 2022

Kantava maa

Simo Puintila 2021


Günther H. Filz, Outi Turpeinen, Cvijeta Miljak, Jouni Punkki, Simo Puintila, Kaisaleena Halinen 2020
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