Collaborative and Industrial Design

Severi Uusitalo

Associate professor, Industrial Design
Potrait of Associate professor Severi Uusitalo

Severi Uusitalo is Associate Professor of industrial design at Aalto University. His professional trajectory is primarily characterized by a practice-based orientation, founded upon an extensive background cultivated over numerous years of engagement in both consultancy, and in-house designer and design leadership positions. Uusitalo's professional experiences have spanned both the manufacturing and technology industries, with a particular emphasis on user-centric product design  considerations in the former, and the development of both practical and theoretical competencies in the domain of human-computer interaction in the latter. 

Notably, Uusitalo's research contributions are predominantly manifested in the form of patented innovations. Presently, his scholarly interests revolve around the domains of computational design and the utilization of artificial intelligence in the context of design and its impact on design cognition. This ongoing focus underscores the contemporary and evolving dimensions of industrial design research and application.


Concept image of accessible MRI stroke unit with a picture of the van and the interiors

Emerging Designs

The course will enhance students' design understanding and skills through lectures and projects, emphasizing creativity and practical application with input from industry professionals.

Collaborative and Industrial Design
Solar cells laminated on the back side of textiles in the Sun-Powered Textiles project

From Concepts to Designs

The course has a lecture and workshop series, that supports a team design projects starting from an existing design concept which then is iteratively developed to more mature design. Students will use various physical and digital models to develop and evaluate projet.

Collaborative and Industrial Design

Latest publications

Creative collaboration with interactive evolutionary algorithms: a reflective exploratory design study

Severi Uusitalo, Anna Kantosalo, Antti Salovaara, Tapio Takala, Christian Guckelsberger 2024

Evolumination - diversity of the species at Dutch Design Week

Kane Borg, Tina Cerpnjak, Sami Markkula, Severi Uusitalo 2023

Accessible magnetic resonance imaging – AMRI: Designing a mobile lifesaver / Designs for a Cooler Planet

Ilkka Laakso, Lauri Palva, Masoud Sharifian Mazraehmollaei, Raimo Sepponen, Severi Uusitalo, Erika Renedo Illarregi, Niilo Kämäräinen 2023

Scaling the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Through Design Research

Markus Ahola, Severi Uusitalo, Lauri Palva, Raimo Sepponen 2022 Human Interaction, Emerging Technologies and Future Systems V

Co-creative Product Design with Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms: A Practice-Based Reflection

Severi Uusitalo, Anna Kantosalo, Antti Salovaara, Tapio Takala, Christian Guckelsberger 2022 Artificial Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design - 11th International Conference, EvoMUSART 2022, Held as Part of EvoStar 2022, Proceedings

Multidisciplinary knowledge creation: Case AMRI

Severi Uusitalo 2022 Designing Change : New Opportunities for Organisations

Research Forum

Severi Uusitalo 2022


Teija Vainio, Severi Uusitalo 2022


Tarja-Kaarina Laamanen, Jouni Silfver, Juha Ainoa, Severi Uusitalo, Pirjo Seddiki, Marjo Suviranta, Tarmo Karhu, Sami Kauppinen, Päivi Tossavainen, Katri Konttinen, Piia Rytilahti, Ari Känkänen 2021 Finnish Design Academy

Student Service Design Challenge 2020 Finalist Exhibition

Jooeun Park, Shreya Sood, Bohan Sun, Qianfei Gu, Zhengshuang Han, Nuria Solsona Caba, Severi Uusitalo 2020
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