Collaborative and Industrial Design

Emerging Designs

Throughout the duration of the course, students will engage in a progressive cultivation of their comprehension regarding design as a multifaceted activity. The significance of creativity within the design paradigm will be elucidated, highlighting its pivotal role as a catalyst in the evolution of design proficiency. Participants will refine their pragmatic abilities in generating design representations pertinent to a specific domain. Both the project and accompanying lectures will accentuate the integral role of conceptual design as a mechanism for knowledge acquisition. Furthermore, students will enhance their reflective capacities in tandem with the development of their conceptual framework, placing substantial emphasis on integrating theoretical constructs of design cognition with their empirical experiences. Lectures by both practicing designers and experts from the domain of the project topic will provide an essential body of additional knowledge and insights.
Concept image of accessible MRI stroke unit with a picture of the van and the interiors

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students are able to:

  • Articulate an advanced personal metacognition as a designer, by recognizing, explaining, and applying selected concepts and principles of design activity.
  • Collect design desiderata, i.e., objectives, requirements, constraints, and success criteria for a design of a challenging topic.
  • Develop and execute suitable designerly strategies for the task in hand, with focus on conceptual design.
  • Develop skills and strategies in building representations of solution concepts which articulate the design intent.
  • Present a convincing design concept aligned with desiderata, i.e., a future state enabling further design development.

Previous Projects

a house in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night with stars showing in the sky and light coming from the house

Emerging Designs course 2021

During Emerging Designs course seven student teams developed conceptual solutions for developing health care and social care in the rural areas. The focus of design work was in the Nordic countries, which vision in 2030 to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world. Here you find the students' proposals with detailed descriptions.

Responsible Teacher

Severi Uusitalo

Professori (Associate professor)
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