Collaborative and Industrial Design

Collaborative and Industrial Design


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Course work for Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables courses teach students both design and engineering skills

Smart Wearables courses allow students to work on projects in multidisciplinary teams, generating incredibly creative projects and enabling them to learn from each other

Evolumination -teos DDW:ssä. Kuva: Sami Markkula

Kollegi collective illuminated Dutch Design Week with biodiversity lamps

The lamp installation Evolumination invited viewers to reflect on the environment and the diversity of life.

Mantė Žygelytė, photo by Linda Lehtovirta.

Mantė Žygelytė: Some things are more about the journey than the goal

'The tiny reminders made me question myself: what am I doing here? What is my purpose here? Back then, the office was not ready to welcome me. It was scary to admit openly that I don’t feel included, and I needed someone to recognize that and stand behind me.'

An event banner with the event title "What Happens in the Minds of Designers as They Design"

Visiting lecture by John Gero: "What happens in the minds of designers as they design"

What happens in your brain and mind when you design? John Gero delves into how designers' brains work during the creative process, using insights from cognitive science, AI, and brain research.

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