Visiting lecture by John Gero: "What happens in the minds of designers as they design"

What happens in your mind when you design? Drawing from different disciplines and methods, including design science and cognitive science, and touching on neurocognition, John Gero explains what is going on in the minds of designers while they design.
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When designers externalize their thoughts we gain access to their minds – their cognition. This talk presents the results of studies that explore the cognitive behavior of designers based on their verbalizations as they design. It describes how these verbalizations of their thoughts can be turned into a form that allows for the quantitative understanding of designing, for comparisons of different designers, designing under different situations, and designing for different design requirements. To do this an ontology of design cognition is presented. The talk will cover:

  • Design fixation
  • What designers are doing when they design
  • Where designers spend their time as they are designing
  • What happens in design teams
  • Differences between novice and expert designer
  • The effect of VR on students in design crits
  • Computational models from cognitive studies

The talk will conclude with a discussion about the connection between design cognition and design neurocognition, ie, what is happening in the brain.

Photo of John Gero.

John Gero is the former Professor of Design Science and Director of the Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition at the University of Sydney. He has been a Professor or Visiting Professor of Design and Computation at MIT; Architecture at Columbia University; Mechanical Engineering at UC-Berkeley; Architecture at UCLA; Civil Engineering at INSA-Lyon; Architecture at Strathclyde; Artificial Intelligence at EPFL; Cognitive Psychology at Provence; Architecture at CMU and Computational Social Science at GMU. He is the author/editor of 56 books and has published some 800 research papers. His recent research has been funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and by the US National Science Foundation (NSF).

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