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Interested in joining our tenure track?

Aalto University’s tenure track career system provides a well-supported and standardised career path towards a permanent professorship. Nearly 300 new professors have been recruited to our tenure track since 2010, with over 40% coming from outside Finland. At the same time, we have improved our position in international rankings - so we have been successful in recruitments!
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Why apply for tenure track at Aalto University?

  • Build a successful academic career – our common target is your development and advancement on a clearly defined career path.
  • Take your research to a new level – ambitious goals and the best colleagues enable rapid academic development.
  • Take advantage of the university’s extensive corporate collaboration – our corporate collaboration is among the most active in the world (14th in the world, CWTS Leiden Ranking).
  • Receive support for obtaining and coordinating research resources – outstanding support services guarantee that you can focus on your work. For example, Aalto University is the most successful university in Finland in terms of ERC funding.
  • Develop your leadership skills and pedagogical expertise – our professors receive top-level training in the fields of academic leadership and pedagogy.
  • Receive mentoring and get career assistance and guidance.
  • Get a chance to live in the happiest country in the world (Every year since 2018, Finland has been the happiest country in the world according to United Nations, UN Happiness Report).

How to apply for tenure track at Aalto University?

We have a well-supported and standardised career path for professors. Each recruitment process is run by a Departmental Tenure Track Committee set for the purpose.

Application documents

Each candidate is expected to follow guidelines for responsible conduct of research. For more information see https://www.tenk.fi/en/tenk-guidelines.

The candidate is required to submit the following documents when applying for a position:

  • Curriculum vitae - Please use the template (opens in new window) recommended by The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (TENK). You can upload the template also from below.
  • Research and/or artistic/professional work portfolio - For instructions, visit Policies and Procedures -document, page 25.
  • Teaching portfolio - See Teaching portfolio guidelines for candidate (pdf) 
  • References (only if specifically requested)

See carefully the call text to be aware of any additional requirements. The same material is used in advancements.

All material should be submitted in English.

Selection process

At first, all the applications are reviewed by the Departmental Committee, that identifies the most potential applicants. The most potential applicants are selected to the second stage of the process.

In the second stage, a minimum of four external reviewers are consulted for a review and the top-candidates are invited to a site visit. During the visit, the candidates are interviewed and they give a a teaching demonstration and have an opportunity to meet the future colleagues. After these, the departmental commitee prepares a recruitment or advancement proposal for the dean.

The dean consults the school's tenure track committee, after which the dean makes a decision (for non-tenured positions) or prepares a proposal to the president for the decision of tenure.

The selection process takes time, usually 6-10 months.

Working as a professor at Aalto University

As an employer, Aalto University invest into staff well-being, competence development, and the creation of a well-functioning, multicultural community. We implement effective people processes that support academic leadership and enable high-quality research and education. Read more about the support for our professors.

Some of the links behind this landing page may be restricted to the Aalto community, but you can still get a good overview of the support available.

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Working as a professor at Aalto

Topics concerning professors' work and onboarding such as: Tenure track, competence development, research, leadership, university, teaching and learning, financial matters, IT

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Tenure track - frequently asked questions and answers

This page introduces several frequently asked questions about the Aalto tenure track and answers to these questions.

Tenure track
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Aalto University is where science and art meet technology and business. We shape a sustainable future by making research breakthroughs in and across our disciplines, sparking the game changers of tomorrow and creating novel solutions to major global challenges.

By merging three leading Finnish universities in 2010, Aalto was founded to work as a societally embedded research university. In a short space of time, we have since become a forerunner in our key areas. We are renowned for our sense of community and culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Aalto University is where science and art meet technology and business. We are an international community of 20,000 bold thinkers who shape a sustainable future with education, research breakthroughs and innovative ideas and solutions. Join us in changing the world – we have many attractive career opportunities to offer.

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Tenure track

Aalto University’s tenure track career system offers a well-supported and clear career path for professor-level academics towards a permanent professorship.

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Tenure track career path

This page introduces the Aalto University tenure track career system for professors. The page contains information on the general principles of the tenure track, levels and description of the career system, professors' work profile and work time allocation as well as general regulations (Aalto tenure track policies and procedures).

Tenure track
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