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Supplementary studies on Sisu

Supplementary studies complement the degree on whose grounds you were admitted to Aalto University. Depending on your degree, supplementary studies can be part of your degree or not included in it.

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Supplementary studies

If you need to take supplementary studies, you will be informed of this when you are admitted to Aalto or immediately at the beginning of your studies. In that case, your supplementary studies will be compulsory. 

  • If you have already completed the required supplementary studies, you do not need to enter them to Sisu at all. 

Degree or non-degree studies?

Depending on your degree programme, supplementary studies can be part of your degree (degree studies) or not included in it (non-degree studies).

  • If you are studying for a doctoral degree, supplementary studies are always non-degree studies. 

If your supplementary studies cannot be included in your degree, you will be issued a separate right to study. This right to study is not the one that entitles you to study towards a degree. Instead, you can use the new right to study to create a personal study plan (HOPS) on Sisu for your supplementary studies and to register for these courses. 

  • Your right to pursue supplementary studies will stay in force as long as your right to study towards a degree is in force. This study right does not require that you enrol for the academic year. 

Your study right for supplementary studies is listed on the ‘My profile’ page under the ‘Study rights’ tab. 

Supplementary studies and study plan

Your right to pursue supplementary studies enables you to create a separate personal study plan (HOPS) on Sisu. Use this study plan to register for the courses you need to take as supplementary studies. 

  • Simply create a study plan in the same way you created your study plan for your degree studies. 

Add the supplementary studies you have been instructed to take to the new study plan and request a separate approval for it.

  • You can register for a course after adding it to your study plan. 

The study module consisting of your supplementary studies will not be assessed. However, Aalto’s administrative staff will check whether you have completed the studies. At the latest, they will check it when you are about to graduate. The courses you have completed as supplementary studies are listed in Sisu just like all other courses you complete. 

Supplementary studies required from students in the separate Master’s Programme in Art Education

If you are studying in the separate Master’s Programme in Art Education and you need to complete supplementary studies, the content of your supplementary studies requires separate approval. In addition, this study module has to be assessed.

Submit a request to have the study module assessed after you have fully completed it.

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