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Language of study attainments

Language of study attainments

‘Language of learning’ in transcripts of study records on Sisu

Aalto is migrating its student information system from Oodi to Sisu at the start of the 2021–22 academic year. The new student information system, Sisu, prints the language of learning (i.e. the ‘language of study attainment’) on students’ transcripts of study records for all courses that have the language of learning marked.

The language of learning for a course is usually the same as the course’s language of instruction. Since 1 August 2018, the language of learning for completed studies may be specific to the student. The registration of student-specific languages of learning began in the 2018–2019 academic year.

Students graduating in June 2021 or later will receive their degree certificate from the Sisu system. These students will have the language of learning for the courses marked printed on the appendix to their degree certificate. The degree certificate’s transcript of records printed by Sisu shows the language of learning for all courses whenever it is indicated.

What determines the language of learning?

As a rule, the language of learning is the same as the language of instruction of the course. If the language of instruction for a course in the field of technology or in art and design is Finnish or Swedish, you can on request complete the course in either of these national languages of Finland. (Note: This option is not available in the field of business.) When the language of instruction for a course is English and the course description states that Finnish or Swedish can also be used to complete the course, you also have the right on request to complete the course in Finnish or Swedish. (Note: Swedish is not available, however, in the field of business).

Only one language of learning is marked for each course on the transcript of study records. If a course consists of several components completed in different languages, your language of learning is the language in which the most extensive part of the work was completed.

In cases of credit transfer, the language of learning is decided on the basis of the documentation you provide.

Check your transcript of records and request any corrections immediately

For courses you completed on or after 1 August 2018, check your transcript of records to see that the language of learning, along with the other details, has been marked correctly.If you think the language of learning has been marked incorrectly, ask the teacher to correct it, preferably as soon as possible.Errors in the data stored in the student information system may be corrected for at least six months after the approval of the course, or for as long as it is possible to submit examination responses and other items used in the course evaluation. Notifications of course completion that are submitted for the student information system are not stored permanently.

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