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Students may apply for transfer to a bachelor’s programme or study option if they hold a right to study towards a bachelor’s and master's degree at another Finnish higher education institution or towards a different degree at Aalto University.
Aalto University students at campus / photographer: Aino Huovio

You may apply for transfer to a bachelor’s programme or study option if you hold a right to study towards a bachelor’s and master's degree at another Finnish higher education institution or towards a different degree at Aalto University. 

Aalto University does not currently admit transfer students from foreign higher education institutions. 

You should apply for transfer during the first year of your studies with consideration to absences permitted by law. An exception to this are students who have been absent for one semester during the first year, who can apply for transfer during the second year after three semesters. You must have a valid right to study and be registered as either an attending or non-attending student at the higher education institution from which you are transferring. The right to study to be transferred must be clearly expressed in the application phase. 

If you are admitted based on you transfer application your new study right enters into force on 1 August and the former right to study will expire at the end of the term preceding the transfer, on 31 July. 

The right to study granted to you will be of equivalent level with the one that made you eligible for transfer. As the rights to study granted at Aalto University cover both bachelor’s and master’s degrees (no rights are granted for pursuing only a bachelor’s degree), the transfer application procedure is not an option for you if you have a study right to study towards only a bachelor’s degree (e.g. from a Finnish university of applied sciences). 

The minimum requirements for transfer to a bachelor’s programme or study option are defined by the school academic affairs committees and may include all or some of the following criteria:

  • studies completed in a specific subject;
  • a minimum credit requirement for a specific subject;
  • academic performance, e.g. average grade (calculated either for one subject or for all studies). When assessing the progress of studies, the reasons accepted as grounds for granting extension to the right to study (e.g. voluntary military service or conscription, maternity or paternity leaves or pa-rental leave or illness) must be considered as permissible reasons for delay.

If needed, the skill level and motivation of the student may be assessed with the help of existing entrance examination procedures, documents or tasks (e.g. portfolio, interview). 

The courses required for admission must be completed (in the study register) by 30 June 2023. 

Transfer application is organized in Studyinfo as a separate application.  Application period is 2 – 16 May 2023.

Results for transfer application will be published same time as the results for the joint application to Finnish/Swedish degree programmes (latest on 7 July 2023).

Study options and intake 2023

Study options available in English Intake Minimum GPA
Economics 2 4,25
International Business  2 4,25

There are no study options for transfer students available in English in the field of Art and Design or Science and Technology.

More information on study options in Finnish/Swedish

Field of Business and Economics

In the field of business and economics it is possible to apply as a transfer student to the Bachelor’s Programme in Economics and Bachelor’s Programme in International Business (taught in English) as well as the Bachelor’s Programme in Business (taught in Finnish). Students are selected to complete the degrees Bachelor of Science (Economics and Business Administration) and Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration). 

A student transferring from a Finnish higher education institution to another, or from one degree to another within Aalto University, is considered a transfer student. Therefore, students studying at one of the following three bachelor’s programmes at the Aalto School of Business are not eligible to apply as a transfer student to study in the other two programs: Bachelor’s Programme in International Business, Bachelor’s Programme in Business and Bachelor’s Programme in Economics. 

More information on applying to the Bachelor's programme in Business (in Finnish)

Please note! These instructions are for transfer application in spring 2023. There will be no transfer application to the Bachelor's Programme in Economics and Bachelor's Programme in International Business in spring 2024.

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