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Students may apply for transfer to a bachelor’s programme or study option if they hold a right to study towards a bachelor’s and master's degree at another Finnish higher education institution or towards a different degree at Aalto University.
Aalto University students at campus / photographer: Aino Huovio

Students should apply for transfer during their first year of study with consideration to absences permitted by law. Transfer applicants must have a valid right to study and be registered as either an attending or non-attending student at the higher education institution from which they are trans-ferring. The right to study to be transferred must be clearly expressed in the application phase.

The new right to study enters into force on 1 August. The former right to study will expire at the end of the term preceding the transfer, on 31 July.

The right to study granted to the transfer applicant will be of equivalent level with the one that made the applicant eligible for transfer. As the rights to study granted at Aalto University cover both bachelor’s and master’s degrees (no rights are granted for pursuing only a bachelor’s de-gree), the transfer application procedure is not an option for applicants with a right to study towards only a bachelor’s degree (e.g. from a Finnish university of applied sciences).

The minimum requirements for transfer to a bachelor’s programme or study option are defined by the school academic affairs committees and may include all or some of the following criteria:studies completed in a specific subject:

  • studies completed in a specific subject;
  • a minimum credit requirement for a specific subject;
  • academic performance, e.g. average grade (calculated either for one subject or for all studies)
  • requirements for the progress of studies, for instance, completing studies in target time or earning a certain number of credits per academic terms attended. When assessing the progress of studies, the reasons accepted as grounds for granting extension to the right to study (e.g. voluntary military service or conscription, maternity or paternity leaves or pa-rental leave or illness) must be considered as permissible reasons for delay.
  • If needed, the skill level and motivation of the student may be assessed with the help of existing entrance examination procedures, documents or tasks (e.g. portfolio, interview). 

Note! Only programme available in english in transfer application at the moment is Bachelor's Programme in International Business (Mikkeli) and Master's Programme in Economics and Business Administration (Otaniemi)

Transfer application is organized in Studyinfo as a separate application.  Application period is 4 – 18.5.2020.

Results for transfer application will be published same time as the results for the joint application (latest on July 8 2020).

Field of Business and Econimics

Aalto University’s general procedures concerning applications by transfer students are defined in Aalto’s general admissions criteria. Students should apply for transfer during their first year of study with consideration to absences permitted by law.

Students are eligible to apply as transfer students to education leading to a Bachelor’s of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree if they: have the right to study towards a bachelor’s and a master's degree in a Finnish university; have completed at least 60 cr of university-level studies included in the BSc (Econ. and Bus. Admin.) degree and corresponding in content to the courses (of 4 cr each) of the Fundamentals of Business Knowledge study module; and have not yet completed a bachelor’s degree in the programme from which they are transferring.

The Fundamentals of Business Knowledge study module consists of the following courses:

Johtamisen perusteet OR Introduction to Management
Laskentatoimen perusteet OR Principles of Accounting
Markkinoinnin perusteet OR Introduction to Marketing
Rahoituksen perusteet OR Principles of Finance
Taloustieteen perusteet OR Principles of Economics
Yritysjuridiikan perusteet OR Introduction to Business Law



If you are applying as a transfer student for the study program in Economics the 60 credits completed must include at least 3 credits of each business course listed below and match the course content of the ones offered in Aalto University School of Business:

Principles of Economics (or equal)
Mathematics for Economists (or equal)


The applicant’s cumulative grade point average must be at least 4.25 (on a scale of 1–5). The studies required for eligibility must be completed by 30.6.2019.

Eligible applicants will be ranked on the basis of their weighted grade point average for all of the study credits considered in the application process. In the event of a tied score, the applicant who has completed the most credits will be selected. If the situation is still a tie, all of the applicants with the same number of credits will be approved.

‘Transfer students’ refers to students who transfer between Finnish institutions of higher education or who change degrees within a university (Government Proposal on Amending the Universities Act 244/2014). Hence, an Aalto University School of Business student with a right to study in one of the following Aalto University School of Business bachelor’s programmes may not apply for a transfer to either of the other two bachelor's programmes: Bachelor's Programme in Business, Bachelor’s Programme in International Business, Bachelor's Programme in Economics.

International Business
Economics and Business Administration

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