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Put career design principles in action and learn valuable career skills! We offer multiple learning formats to suit your schedule and needs. Design your career and learn about the future of working life in an online class for credit. Or take a career design workshop to identify your strengths and ideate the next steps on your journey in collaboration with your peers.


The Future of Work online course platform offers career skills courses that earn university credit. Learn about the future of work, get ready to kick-start your career and design a meaningful career. All courses are self-paced and guided by Aalto University faculty.

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Future of Work  

We are amid a revolution of work, which started already long before the pandemic. This course will look at how the roles of the individual, organisations and society have changed and how it affects how we work today and in the future.

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Design a Meaningful Career

This course shows how you can creatively shape your career as you go in the radically changing world of work. It focuses on meaningful work as a core element of career sustainability and explores ways to design a value-driven path. The course explores the changing world of work, identity and narrative, meaningful work and design thinking in the context of career.

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Finland Works

This course looks at how to navigate Finnish working life and how to build a career. It provides a better understanding of work culture in Finland, what working in a Finnish company is like, how individuals find work-life balance in Finland, how to communicate skills, and how to look for jobs in Finland.

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In the Career Design Lab workshops you will learn more about career design thinking, identify your values and strengths, create your career narrative and ideate practical experiments with your peers. Below you will find examples of workshops offered.

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Career Design Thinking

This interactive workshop will provide you with career design tools to help you prepare for the future of work. Together with your peers, you will clarify your aspirations, ideate possible paths and develop experiments to test your ideas in practice. At the end of the workshop, you will know what steps you can take right away to craft a meaningful career path. 

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Create Your Career Story & Purpose

The objective of this workshop is to reflect on who you are and what you want to do. You will identify your strengths, clarify your values and define your purpose. At the end of the workshop you will have the elements of your career story that will help you in career design, decision-making and job search. 



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Design Your Brand & Portfolio

Show what you are made of! In this workshop, you will focus on specifying your unique strengths, sources of meaning and vision for the future. In collaboration with your peers, you will identify the core elements of your developing brand. You will also begin to develop your visual career narrative and get your portfolio started. 

Other courses

Aalto University offers many courses that can help you find your career direction and develop working life skills. Learn more about online and university-wide offerings as well as courses offered in your own school.

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Personal Impact

Personal Impact brings to light already existing courses in Aalto University on values and meaningfulness, self-leadership, societal impact, human potential and well-being.

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Aalto Ventures Program

The best way to predict the future is to build it. We teach students to build like an entrepreneur.

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