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Data Visualisation

Communicating data-driven insights in ways that are quick and easy to grasp is an essential part of many professions today. This summer course allows students to critically analyse data visualisations and use them as part of storytelling in presentations and argumentations.
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Teaching period:


Application period:

1.2.2024 – 30.6.2024

Course format:



2 weeks full-time

Course level:

Graduate Doctoral Professional

Field of study:

Technology and Engineering




School of Science

Tuition fees:

1490€ tuition fee

We still have a couple of open spots left for Data Visualisation this summer. You can apply until June 30th 2024. Please note that at this point, we can only accept students who do not require a visa.

Data visualisation enables us to process information faster, work more efficiently, and increase productivity. Today, everyone needs to have an understanding of data and its impact. 

Data visualisation, visual communication and storytelling are essential tools for businesses. They enhance information usability and make use of efficient metaphors like hierarchies, graphs, charts, lists, maps, and timelines. This course especially benefits programmers interested in upskilling, designers who want to integrate data-driven design into their portfolio, and business professionals who want to learn how to turn data into easily understandable designs for better decision-making and presentations.

The course supports students in understanding the role of hybrid methods, from map-based visual communication to network analytics and from linked data to storytelling and time-series handling for supporting information visualisation. 

Information for Summer School Applicants

Bubble chart data visualisation example
An example of how colors can be used in a bubble chart to illustrate data.

Listen to the course teacher Tomi's podcasts

Infoviz (4 episodes)

Discover the power of stories, time, space, and themes to create visualisations that inspire and engage.

Designing Schools: How We Shape Our World Through Stories: The Role of Information Visualization with Dr. Tomi Kauppinen

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Teacher Information

Tomi Kauppinen, Ph.D., leads Aalto Online Learning at Aalto University and the expert group on Creative and Collaborative Learning Environments at Unite! European University alliance. He holds a habilitation (2014) in geoinformatics and consecutively Privatdozent (2015) from University of Münster, Germany, and a title of docent (2014) and a Ph.D. (2010) in media technology from Aalto University, Finland. 

Tomi Kauppinen is the co-author of Design Education Across Disciplines: Transformative Learning Experiences for the 21st Century (Palgrave, 2023). He has actively facilitated trainings and taught Data Visualization, design thinking, visual storytelling and AI in international settings, and led related projects. His areas of expertise include Cognitive Systems, Information visualisation, Information design, Ubiquitous Computing, and Online learning. 

Summer school teacher interview: The Data Visualisation summer course equips you with the must-have tools for communication in a data-scentric world

This August, Aalto University Summer School offers a course on Data Visualisation that deep-dives into visualisation methods, digital tools, and principles of storytelling. Course instructor Dr. Tomi Kauppinen, Head of Aalto Online Learning at Aalto University, shares his thoughts on why data visualisation is such an important skill in your toolkit today.

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