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Aalto University Bioinnovation Center is an interdisciplinary research and learning center which aims to provide Finland and the world with the most recent research knowledge in its field. Bioinnovation Center’s target is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and bioeconomy, and to create opportunities for sustainable economic growth in Finland. Our interdisciplinary doctoral school uses the viewpoints of technology, design and business to address these challenges.
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Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation granted 10.5 M€ funding to Aalto University for establishing the Bioinnovation Center. The Center operates in interdisciplinary research fields, facilitates educational efforts in bio- and circular economy at Aalto University, and strives towards ground-breaking new technologies and innovations. The Center’s four pillars are Doctoral School, Professorship, Infrastructure Program, and Impact Program.

Doctoral School

The Bioinnovation Center Doctoral School is a unique multidisciplinary program combining the fields of chemistry, biomaterial sciences, automation technology, design, digital production, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and business skills. The doctoral school is a thematic school for doctoral students coordinated by the Bioinnovation Center. Through this holistic program talented prospects will become experts with a multidisciplinary skillset and focused, forward-looking mindset to develop solutions for current and future challenges encountered on the path towards a sustainable society based on renewable materials and circular economy. The DS will provide 4-year funding for 10-12 doctoral candidates. The Bioinnovation Center Doctoral School’s interdisciplinary research projects aim at innovations in line with the main themes of the Center: sustainable textiles and/or packaging.


A new professor under a title "Sustainable Bioproducts Innovation" has been recruited aligned with the vision and the mission of the Bioinnovation Center. Dr. Luana Dessbesell was selected as the new professor and started in this position on February 1st, 2023. The professor has a strong role in the doctoral school, actively contributing to the organization and execution of workshops and other events.

Infrastructure Program

The Bioinnovation Center directs funds to infrastructure investments at Aalto University to develop new processes especially in biomass treatments, circular economy, and production of regenerated fibres e.g. textile, composite, and film applications. A special focus has been on up-scaling of the Ioncell® technology, developed at Aalto University.

Impact Program

We believe that to make impactful research we need to do more than just obtaining scientific results. To maximize the impact of our actions, we use various forms of communication and networking to deliver our message and to create new communities. Besides dissemination activities, the Impact Program includes an internal and external discussion forum for the focus areas of the Center.

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