Open demo-day in DAVE of Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

Open house event for Dynamic Audio Visual Environment of Aalto Behavioral Laboratory on 7th of May 2024, 13:00-16:00
Dave - Open house
Dynamic Audio Visual Environment (DAVE) in the Aalto Behavioral Laboratory - Aalto NeuroImaging

DAVE is a new dynamic environment for behavioral measurement in Aalto.  In 45m2 room space it consists of three big video screens (250cm x 160cm) with 7680x1600 resolution and 8 audio speakers behind the screens. It resembles Virtual Reality environment with 180 degree visual angle. With the surrounding audio system, it enables source point sounds.

Different biomonitor devices can be used in this environment. In the demo, we have ECG, EMG, GSR and accelerometer sensors in our new mobile BIOPAC system. Also, we have eye tracking glasses, video cameras for facial expression detection and a thermal camera, which can be use in the environment as well. All the devices can be synchronized with the stimulus system. 

Place: Otakaari 5 I, Magnet House, 3rd floor, IM311

Doors are open: 13:00-16:00, 7th of May 2024. You can come whenever you like during the event.

There will be coffee and some snacks served!

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