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Quality system audit 2022

According to the University Act, Finnish universities shall regularly participate in the evaluation of their activities and quality systems. Aalto University's quality system was last audited in January 2016, and the next system audit will be in January 2023.
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The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC, Karvi) will audit Aalto University's quality system in January 2023. The audit assesses the appropriateness, functionality and effectiveness of the university's quality system. It focuses on the university's operating methods, the processes by which it pursues its own goals. Also central to auditing are the utilisation and effectiveness of follow-up information and feedback in the planning and development of operations. The subject of the review is therefore the procedures by which the university maintains and develops the quality of its operations.

The objectives of the quality system audit

  • evaluate how the university's quality system serves as a tool for quality management and development,
  • to evaluate whether the quality work in the university meets the European quality assurance
  • evaluate the quality system in relation to the four audit areas and make a presentation on whether the university passes the audit or requires a re-audit,
  • helps the university to identify the strengths, good practices and areas for development of its operations
  • to support the university in achieving its own strategic goals and directing development activities.
  • to assess whether the quality system produces relevant information for the
    implementation of the strategy and the continuous development of the university's
    activities, and whether it results in effective enhancement activities,
  • to encourage internationalisation, experimenting and a creative atmosphere at

More information; Audit manual 2019-2024


Audit process - timetable

  • Registration for the audit (made in 2020)
  • Contract negotiation and agreement on an optional audit target (October 2021)
  • Preparation of self evaluation report (May-Sep 2022)
  • Appointment and training of the audit team (early summer 2022, FINEEC)
  • Submission of preliminary material produced by the university (2.11.2022)
  • Information and discussion event at the university (16.12.2022)
  • Site visit 25.-26.1.2023, programme of the visit
  • Decision of the Higher Education Evaluation Center on the result and publication of the report (28.4.2023)
  • Closing seminar at the university (May 2023)


Preliminary feedback from FINEEC auditteam:

Opiskelijoita tekemässä ryhmätyötä

Self-evaluation report, audit 2022

Self-assessment refers to the organisation’s assessment of its activities and their enhancement.

Aalto Handbook

Quality management is part of all university activities to ensure appropriate activities and continuous development of operations. With the help of the quality management system, the quality system, we ensure that we develop our operations and activities so that we achieve our goals. 


Quality management

The quality system of Aalto University is an entity of policies, procedures and processes aimed at safeguarding and improving the quality of the university activities, its education, its research and other activities.

Aalto Handbook


Quality together – Supporting Aalto community in well-being and in coping with work

At the Wellbeing Desk, professionals representing many fields are available to help Aaltonians

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Quality together – Students have a voice in university decision-making

Community involvement in developing the university is a key aspect of our values

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Quality together – Learning about equality, diversity and inclusion

Benchlearning visit to EPFL Lausanne gave valuable insights into EDI practices when we prepare for the upcoming quality audit.

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