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Self-evaluation report, audit 2022

A key part of FINEEC's quality system audit model is self-assessment of its own operations. Self-assessment refers to the organisation’s assessment of its activities and their enhancement. The ability to recognise the organisation’s own strengths and especially enhancement areas is a sign of a mature quality culture.

The first draft of the self-evaluation report (below) is written based on discussions and materials gathered during the University Review. The objective of the self-assessment conducted in connection with the University Review was to achieve a common view of the management practices related to the audit areas, the quality management situation of our core functions, and the good practices and key areas for development related to our operating practices.

During the spring, Aalto schools and service units have been preparing a self-evaluation report for the approaching quality audit. During the summer the entire community will have the opportunity to comment on the report. In the autumn, the report will be finalised on the basis of comments and will be submitted to Karvi on 2 November.

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Self-evaluation report, draft

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