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Quality management organisation

The President leads all operations of Aalto University as provided in the Universities Act, Constitution of the Aalto University Foundation and Aalto University Bylaws. The Universities act permits the President to delegate matters to another University organ or person.

How quality management is organised at Aalto

At Aalto University, quality management is a collective engagement. Members of the Aalto community are responsible for the quality of their own activities. The responsibilities for quality management are embedded in everyday operations.

The Aalto University management through the Leadership Support Services (LSS) coordinates the university-wide quality work, systematically supports the development of comparable procedures and processes at various levels, and ensures the crucial links between the quality system and Aalto’s strategic management.

In addition to members of the Aalto community, alumni and external stakeholders participate in quality management processes in various ways.

The President is responsible for the quality management of the university and provides direction on the university’s quality issues with the President’s Management Team (PMT). The PMT functions as the steering group for the university’s quality work. The leadership support services (LSS) coordinates continual and practical quality work at Aalto University with schools' development managers.

For more details about the quality management actors and their responsibilities, please see the table below.

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