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PDCA cycle

Aalto University's quality management is based on the principle of continuous development, the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act).
Infographics of the PDCA cykle

PDCA cycle: the principle behind Aalto’s quality system

Aalto’s quality system is based on the principle of continuous development, or the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA). At Aalto, the PDCA is a cycle of planning activities in line with agreed objectives, acting on the plans, measuring success based on key performance indicators and evaluating as well as adjusting activities based on feedback. Below you can find activities that fall under each step of the PDCA cycle.

PDCA cycle at Aalto


Aalto's living strategy
Strategic plans and targets (Our Plan)
Regulations and instructions


Research and artistic activities
Education and learning
Societal interaction
Cross-cutting approaches
Services and leadership


Internal and external evaluations
Operating environment review
Key performance indicators


Adjustments to strategy
Adjustments to strategic plans and targets (Our plan)
Development actions and projects

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