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The Aalto University Energy Platform initiates and coordinates multi- and interdisciplinary research that supports synergy within the field of sustainable energy solutions. Energy Platform works to facilitate and strengthen both industry-academia collaboration and internal cooperation within the university. The platform organises and gathers energy-related research and activities.

Aalto Energy Efficiency / Image by Helén Marton


Energy Platform is hosting three online seminar series this autumn

Energy in a post-pandemic world logo

Energy in a (Post-)Pandemic World

Prognosis for the sustainable transition

Aalto Energy Platform
Charge of the Batteries seminar series logo

Charge! Energy Storage Seminar Series

Perspectives on the energy storage revolution

Aalto Energy Platform
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Energy Modelling Seminar Series

How can energy modelling drive the sustainable energy transition? This series looks at aspects of modelling for energy systems, through technical modelling, analysis, and building of systems.

Aalto Energy Platform

Energy News

Cooperation, Studies Published:

New charging station can charge up to four electric vehicles simultaneously

Finland's first manufacturer-independent fast charging station for electric vehicles is in use at the 2020 Housing Fair area in Tuusula.
Nature-imitating coating, picture: Juho Heiska
Press releases Published:

Nature-imitating coating makes batteries more durable and efficient

Aalto University's researchers were the first in the world to make use of carbon dioxide in the production of a battery protective coating.
gas flow
Press releases, Research & Art Published:

Joint project seeks low-emission industrial solutions

Converting electricity into another form of energy and then back into electricity can be applied to the production of synthetic fuels, chemicals and the edible proteins known as 'electric' foods.
Press releases Published:

Prof. Mari Lundström featured in Millenium Talks

Host Henkka Hyppönen and Assistant Professor Mari Lundström discuss possibilities and challenges in recycling of batteries at the laboratories of Hydrometallurgy and Corrosion.

Energy Events

Coronavirus note: All our events will continue in online format.

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Lectures and seminars

Combining commercial & academic approaches for modelling the energy transition

Energy Modelling Series | Seminar 5 | Using the AFRY BID3 model in academia: Case studies & outlook
Conferences and workshops

MOSES 2021

MOSES (Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems) is a biannual conference that aims to address the challenges in designing ship energy systems and how they operate.
Energy Teaching meets Industry - Energy Platform event. Photo by Glen Forde.

Event Archive

A selection of past events hosted by Energy Platform

Aalto Energy Platform
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We use the [email protected] mailing list to inform the Aalto community of Energy Platform events. To add yourself to (or remove yourself from) the list, see the Aalto IT instructions on Exchange mailing lists.


While our CRM is under development, please contact the Energy Platform Manager to ensure you're informed of upcoming events.

Energy in Aalto

Many departments in Aalto University have a long tradition of research and teaching in the field of energy. We have about 25 professors who are solely focused on energy research, and they obtain more than ten million euros in research funding annually. Every year, over 80 Masters and a dozen Doctors graduate in the field of energy. Additionally, more than 30 professors are strongly contributing in the field.

Research Areas

  • Sustainable energy production
  • Energy storage conversion
  • Power engineering
  • Energy in built environment
  • Energy systems and resource economics



Energy Platform Manager

Samuel Cross

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Glen Forde

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Allu Pyhälammi

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Department of Management Studies
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