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Equality, diversity, inclusion and accessibility

The purpose of the European Union directive on accessibility is to ensure that everyone can obtain information in a form that suits them. Equality, diversity and inclusiveness are in our core values, supporting our community’s wellbeing, creativity and ability to foster world-class research, teaching and impact
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Accessible Aalto

Aalto University strives towards being an accessible, safe and healthy university where research, teaching and services are accessible for all.

Equality, diversity and inclusion at Aalto
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Accessible event planning checklist

The Accessible Aalto makes it possible for people of all abilities to be a part of our community every day. Aalto goes Accessible also in events and parties!

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Accessible coursebooks

The Learning Centre provides accessible coursebooks for students in cooperation with Celia.

Learning Centre
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Aalto University Accessibility Implementation Plan 2022–2024

President Ilkka Niemelä confirmed the Aalto University Accessibility Implementation Plan for 2022–2024 on 1st February, 2022. The plan is based on the Aalto University strategy and supports well-being work and the work of the Aalto University Equality Committee. The implementation plan is attached as an appendix to the Aalto University Equality Plan. This page is for monitoring the implementation.

Equality, diversity and inclusion at Aalto
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Accessible Aalto Network (AccaNet) (external link)

Accessible Aalto Network (AccANet) is for collaboration and knowledge building to improve our main processes and quality at Aalto University. AccANet members are volunteers who have agreed with their directors to promote accessibility in schools and units. Network members serve as human nodes for different kinds of accessibility issues met in our daily activities. In addition, AccaNet updates the tri-annual Aalto University implementation plan for accessibility with the help of their peers.

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Princeton University Social Media Accessibility Guidelines (external link)

These guidelines are intended to help University staff, faculty, and students create social media content that is accessible to people with disabilities.

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Sustainability report: multidisciplinary approach to solving sustainability challenges is Aalto’s strength

Science, technology and arts play an important role in solving global sustainability problems. Aalto University’s strength is its strong multidisciplinary approach to humanity’s greatest challenges, such as environmental crises. Aalto’s new sustainability report highlights some of the key sustainability actions taken by Aalto University in 2021.


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