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The Learning Centre provides accessible coursebooks for students in cooperation with Celia.

Accessible course books for print disabled persons

Celia is a national library for accessible literature and publishing in Finland. Celia produces and distributes literature in accessible formats together with libraries. Celia's audiobook service can be used by those with reading disabilities.

By registering as a Celia customer at the Learning Centre, the student has access to Celia's accessible course books (audio books). Accessible course book service is intended for students who are unable or have difficulties to read standard printed books and who have enrolled as attending for the academic year.

If the book can’t be found in Celia library or elsewhere in accessible format, a purchase proposal can be made to Celia, please fill in the acquisition proposal form. The production takes about three months and the books will be produced as machine read audiobooks.

Guide for a new customer (celianet.fi)

Further information and registration of new customers

Anja Lehtokari

Anja Lehtokari


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Finnish bibrary for accessible media.

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