A questionnaire of effects of coronavirus pandemic in care homes

SOTERA, the research group for Health and Wellbeing Architecture at Aalto University is gathering experiences of care homes (and home care) during the Corona-pandemic. Care homes have been at the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic and SOTERA is interested both in the status quo and best practices for assisted living for the future. We invite reflections from any stakeholders from any levels of assisted living.
Vuosaaren monipuolinen palvelukeskus - Kuisma Rasilainen_Master Thesis

Status message

Kindly note that responses collected with this form are used as public information, as this will allow us to most effectively evaluate the information. The replies will be published as summaries, visualisations and individual responses. We ask that replies not contain names or other personally identifiable information. At the end of the questionnaire there is an opportunity to ask for the researchers to contact you.

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