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Otaniemi campus to develop into a lively neighbourhood

By 2021, all of the University's core functions will be in Otaniemi, home of the lively community that supports innovations. The goal of campus development is to mix valuable history and new ways of planning.

The campus of the future
Dipoli / Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo
Aalto-yliopisto Oppismiskeskus / Tuomas Uusheimo

Otaniemi, a crown jewel of Finnish architecture

A parkland-style campus established in the 1950s forms the core of Otaniemi. The overall vision of the campus was that of Alvar Aalto, and its individual buildings were designed by Aalto and other celebrated Finnish architects such as Reima and Raili Pietilä and Heikki and Kaija Sirén.

Aalto University Espoo Finland

Aalto University's locations

Aalto University has premises in two locations in Greater Helsinki region: Otaniemi campus and Töölö. Aalto University campus is located in Otaniemi. University's activities will relocate from Töölö to Otaniemi in February 2019. Aalto functions also in Mikkeli University Centre.



This is how Otaniemi grew into a centre of technology, business and art

The first hub of world class research, a pioneer of modern architecture, the stage for the CSCE and the home of Finland’s first satellite - Otaniemi’s Aalto campus has a colourful history. Next the campus will become Aalto University’s joint campus and an open community for all.

History of Otaniemi campus
Aalto-yliopisto Dipoli / Tuomas Uusheimo

A campus geared for sustainable development

The key environmental impacts of campuses are related to energy consumption, transport and recycling. A campus operating in line with the principles of sustainable development is a key part of the University's campus strategy.

Energy-sufficient Otaniemi
Aalto-yliopisto/Otaniemi sydän/Image: Isohanni Kiuru

News about campus

Events on campus

Paradox City Exhibition
Nov 20
Exhibitions and fairs

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