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Aalto University Materials Platform

Aalto University Materials Platform

The Materials Platform promotes cross-disciplinary collaborations and communication, inside and outside Aalto University, to advance the field of materials science and its applications.
In the Materials Platform, we develop and support the variety of actions focused on popularizing, promoting and stimulating research activities in Materials fields.

Metals_photo Eeva Suorlahti fir Materials Platform

What do we do?

Internal networking events for Materials researchers, photo Valeria Azovskaya

We organize networking events

Nanocarbon_photo Helen Marton

We promote initial funding for novel discoveries 

Sensor and Textile joint seminar 2018, photo Valeria Azovskaya

We support cross-disciplinary workshops and seminars

Wax coating, research Nina Forsman, photo Valeria Azovskaya

We run photo sessions in studios and laboratories

Exhibition 'Materials Science meets Photography', photo Valeria Azovskaya

We help to promote Aalto University's scientific excellence

'Fix your profile' campaign, photo Valeria Azovskaya

We pilot visualization campaigns for materials scientists

Materials Platform, Event Support Application Form

In 2019, the Materials Platform has opened an application for financial support for your event. In addition, we offer a number of services to help with event planning, promotion, facilitation, and documentation.

Complete the form to apply for the funding or service well in advance. The application will be reviewed by the Materials Platform manager and, if necessary, by board members.

Application form.


Materials Matter exhibition by Materials Platform at Slush 2018_photo Ariane Relander
Exhibitions and fairs

Exhibition: Materials Matter

Materials Matter is the manifest of the Aalto University scientific excellence in materials research at Slush 2018. Now all Aalto University and our dear guests have a chance to see it themselves! We are bringing the exhibited projects to the Dipoli Gallery for all of you to learn more about the exciting world of materials.
The exhibition will be open from 23.01.2019 (18:00) to 03.03.2019 (12:00) for everyone. To plan your visit, please mind the Dipoli opening hours.
Aalto EIT Services
Lectures and seminars

Fine particle flotation and sustainable usage of water in mineral processing

EIT RawMaterials together with Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V. are pleased to invite you to participate in our Expert forum
Willow CNFi_researcher Jinze Dou_photo by Valeria Azovskaya_2017

Photoshoot day for materials samples: book your slot now!

Materials Platform is organizing its annual photography event to support researchers in their application process. The event is meant for materials researchers who are preparing for funding applications this semester and need quality photographs of their materials samples to support the proposal.
EIT RawMaterials Summit 2019
Lectures and seminars

Raw Materials Summit

Stay tuned for more updates! The registration and more details will follow soon.

Materials Platform mission and vision

The Materials Platform's key activities focus on emerging opportunities in popularising materials research and supporting materials-related multi- and cross-disciplinary initiatives.

Materials Platform grounds
Materials Platform Wheel with Key activities and focus areas.

Flagship projects and special programs

There are several high-level projects in the field of materials research and teaching at the moment. Here are some examples of Aalto University research excellence.

Aalto Flags - Aino Huovinen

If you would like to propose an activity, have some idea for collaboration or wondering if we can help you, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Materials Platform operations

Heidi Henrickson

Heidi Henrickson

Research and Innovation Services
Materials Platform Manager

Materials Platform assistance and visual support

Valeria Azovskaya

Valeria Azovskaya

Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
Designer, Materials Platform
Glen Forde

Glen Forde

Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

The board of Materials Platform has professor representatives from all Aalto University Schools. Professor Orlando Rojas is the Chairman of the board.


Research & Art Published:

Artificial human tissues and nature’s super coatings – the materials exhibition that took Slush by storm is now coming to Otaniemi

Come along to Aalto University and learn about the latest developments in materials research. At the same time, you can also admire the Ioncell dress worn by Finland’s First Lady Jenni Haukio at the Independence Day Reception.
Valmistuksen ekosysteemi. Kuva: Esko Hakanen.
Research & Art Published:

Intelligent materials make the manufacturing ecosystems and companies’ business models more sustainable

Better use of information and materials requires intense and more open cooperation between companies.
Metamirrors show different things to different observers
Press releases, Research & Art, University Published:

What do we see in a mirror? New metasurfaces look “bright” at one direction, while “dark” for the opposite direction

Researchers at Aalto University developed metasurfaces with extreme angle-asymmetric response. The new device can be a good or bad reflector depending on the angle the light hits it.
Press releases, Research & Art Published:

Aalto speeds up development of ecological textile fibres with new pilot plant

With this new equipment, the output of Ioncell fibre can increase up to a hundredfold, enabling cooperation with even more companies.