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Aalto Living+ Platform

Aalto Living+ Platform

The Living+ Platform supports and facilitates multi- and transdisciplinary research on human-centered living environments, one of Aalto University´s key research areas.

We organize thematic meetings offering external stakeholders possibilities for co-operation and networking, educational lectures and seminars for students, staff and the public, and provide seed funding for multidisciplinary cross-school collaboration.

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human-centered living environments by Joel Wolff

Living+ Forum 2019: Inclusive Environments

The multidisciplinary public lecture series starts on January 10. Design for All, Multicultural Living Environments, and Aging in Cities, are only a few of the topics covered. We welcome everyone to meet and discuss!

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Aalto Living+ Forum by Aalto Living+ Platform

Living+ Research Themes

Human-centered living environments is a multilayered area of research. Four research themes describe how the research done at Aalto University approaches this vast topic. Read more about all themes or pick one below.

Urban Life

Research surrounding humans’ interaction in and with their living environment.

Aalto University / Aalto Sustainability Hub

Human-Centered Design and Planning

Developing new methods for designing living environments, including cities, products and services.

Aalto University/Unto Rautio

Technological Breakthroughs

Research on the technologies required to build the environments in which we live.

Aalto University/Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

Inclusive Environments

Which environments are truly welcoming of everyone and how can we develop better human-centric solutions?

Aalto University Espoo Finland

Aalto Urban Solutions group

Aalto Urban Solutions group is multidisciplinary network of researchers and professors dealing with urban studies.

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Kvartsi urban design competition proposal for a renewal of the Vuosaari centre, by Aalto architecture students Jaakko Heikkilä, Lauri Janhunen, Ahti Launis and Raisa Mäkinen for the City of Helsinki

People & Contact

Pia-Sofia Pokkinen

Department of Architecture
Project Employee
Pirjo Sanaksenaho

Pirjo Sanaksenaho

Department of Architecture
Professor (Associate Professor)
Aija Staffans

Aija Staffans

Department of Architecture
Platform Manager Living+
Joel Wolff

Joel Wolff

School Common
Communications Assistant, Living+ Platform

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