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Aalto Health Platform

Aalto Health Platform

Aalto Health Platform is a collaborative program that creates a framework for Aalto to deepen and widen its joint work with its partner organizations in the area of health and wellbeing (H&W), which is one of Aalto University’s strategic focus areas for research.

The platform’s role is to support Aalto’s H&W research activities, facilitate technology transfer towards innovations and startups and the broader high technology industries, and further develop the societal impact of Aalto’s work.

Aalto University/Aino Huovio
Aalto University/Tuomas Uusheimo

H&W research areas and faculty

Aalto University has a strong, decades-long track record in health and wellbeing (H&W), in both research results and in facilitating commercialization. H&W being one of Aalto University’s strategic focus areas, this field is being ambitiously developed.

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Partnerships and ecosystem building

“Ecosystems” which support the development of strong international research and the facilitation of innovations are important for research and economies to prosper.

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Healthtech implant molding - Mikko Raskinen
Updated 11.10.2018
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