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Do you want to know how things work? Are you interested in simulating the physical world using computers? Come study Computational Engineering at Aalto!
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Teknologie kandidat + diplomingenjör


5.1.2022 – 19.1.2022




3+2 år, heltidsstudier


Allmän högskolebehörighet


Det tekniska utbildningsområdet


180+120 studiepoäng


Högskolan för ingenjörsvetenskaper


€12000/år (kandidat studier) + €15000/år (magister studier) för studeranden från länder utanför EU/EES

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General description

Engineers and scientists are now relying heavily on computational simulations to develop new technologies and shape the world we live in. Ships, geothermal power plants, wind turbines and biomedical devices are a few examples of products where computer models are used to predict how new design ideas will behave in reality. The Computational Engineering major will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, use and develop these computational tools, preparing you to make accurate predictions regarding complex physical problems.

Throughout your studies, you will develop your skills in applied mathematics and become familiar with the most common theories in physics, mechanics and engineering. You will learn to use some of the most popular engineering software packages, and develop your programming skills by implementing algorithms to solve design problems.

You will also have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to tackle real-world engineering problems in multidisciplinary projects. These projects will bring you closer to professional engineering practice and allow you to develop your abilities to work as a team, manage projects, and communicate your results effectively.

After completing your studies, you will have a strong background in mathematics, engineering and computing. You will not only be familiar with existing computational methods, but also possess the knowledge necessary to follow future developments in this rapidly evolving discipline. The program will give you the foundations to become a computational expert ready to tackle advanced engineering problems in a variety of fields.

Computational Engineering is one of the majors in the Aalto University Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology available in English.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction in the Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology and the Computational Engineering major is English. The programme is conducted entirely in English, meaning that all courses and exams are in English. For students with sufficient proficiency in Finnish, it is also possible to study the 20-25 credit minor subject of the bachelor’s degree in Finnish.

Studies at the master’s level can also be completed entirely in English.

Duration of the studies

By completing the Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology, you will earn a Bachelor of Science (Technology) degree (180 ECTS), or tekniikan kandidaatti in Finnish. The degree is designed to be completed in three years.

After graduating from the BSc Programme the student automatically has the right to continue studies in selected master's programmes. By completing the Master's programme in field of Technology in Aalto University, you will earn a Master of Science (Technology) degree (120 ECTS), or diplomi-insinööri in Finnish.

Content of the studies

The bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) is composed of basic studies of the programme (65 ECTS mathematics, programming, industrial engineering and management, obligatory languages, Aalto studies, orientation), the major in computational engineering (65 ECTS including BSc thesis and seminar), the minor (20-25 ECTS) and elective studies (25-30 ECTS).

See the programme curriculum on the student portal Into.

Computational engineering will help you to become an expert in developing and using advanced simulation techniques to analyse complex physical problems.

Computational engineering is a multidisciplinary field incorporating mathematics, engineering principles and computing notions. The knowledge and skills that you will acquire throughout your studies will rest on these three cornerstones.

Mathematics are an important part of the major since they constitute an essential tool to solve engineering problems. During your studies, you will develop your abilities in:


· Integral and differential calculus

· Linear algebra

· Statistical analysis


Engineering principles. You will become familiar with fundamental engineering theories in a broad range of fields including:

· Fluid mechanics

· Thermodynamics

· Mechanics of materials


Computing. You will learn to implement your own simulation techniques and gain experience with the most relevant engineering software packages. The core topics you will learn about include:


· Programming principles and algorithms

· Numerical methods

· Finite Element method


Finally, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to solve real-world problems as part of team projects.

Tracks/majors within the programme

The major in the bachelor's degree is Computational Engineering.


The study environment in Aalto University is strongly international and studies are conducted in multicultural groups.

Aalto University also offers diverse possibilities for developing your global competence by e.g. completing part of your degree abroad in an international partner university (exchange studies), taking a summer course abroad, or acting as a tutor for first-year students.

After graduation/Post graduate opportunities

After completing their Bachelor degree, most of our graduates continue their education to the Master’s level before starting their professional career. Graduates from the Computational Engineering major will be entitled to pursue a Master of Science (Tech.) degree at Aalto University. You will also be able to apply to Master's programmes at other universities in Finland and abroad.

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Career opportunities

Computational simulations now constitute an essential part of all technological industries. This means that you will be able to pursue a career in a wide range of fields including energy, construction, manufacturing, mechanical systems and more.

Our students usually continue their education to the Master’s level. After completing their studies, our graduates typically work for small, medium or large companies, governmental organisations or research institutions. An academic position is also possible after completing a doctorate degree. Professional titles that typically include possibilities for advancement to management duties include:

· Civil engineer

· Geoengineer

· Mechanical engineer

· Naval architect

· Product designer

· Production engineer

· Software engineer

· Structural engineer

Focus areas of research

The Computational Engineering major has a broad scope. Throughout your studies, you will interact with professors conducting research in a variety of disciplines including mechanics of materials, geoengineering, computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, combustion and more.


Aalto University has close links with the corporate world: our academic staff collaborates with Finland’s largest companies and the University supports the creation of smaller innovative startups around its campus. This collaboration ensures that our education is close to the needs of engineering companies and helps our graduates to kick-start their professional career.

Aalto University also has several student exchange agreements with other universities around the world. You will have opportunity to participate in student exchanges and our staff will be available to guide you through this process.

Contact details

For enquiries regarding the application process and application documents, please contact [email protected].

For enquiries regarding the content of programme and studies, please contact the Learning Services of Aalto University School of Science, [email protected].

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