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Collaborate with us

Our work at the School of Engineering is inspired by the needs of society. We come to learn these needs by engaging in dialogue and collaboration with different stakeholders, businesses as well as the public sector.
School of Engineering / students

To support our aim of driving societal renewal, strengthening competitiveness and enhancing cultural life, we communicate and work with the society around us. We value all opportunities to hold dialogues with stakeholders, businesses and the public sector. The impact of our work is increased through cooperation agreements with Capital Region municipalities and key industrial partners.  

At the School of Engineering, we aim to shape the education we offer by monitoring and discussing the needs of the private and public sectors. We offer dynamic collaboration to companies, authorities, municipalities and communities.


  • Partnering with research projects of the School of Engineering
  • Student projects for companies
  • Communication about open positions to students


To learn more about working with us, contact Corporate Engagement Specialist Heikki Lahtinen.


Aalto University offers enterprises, associations and alumni countless opportunities for collaboration in all fields of the university’s operations.

Aalto University and collaboration
Aalto-yliopisto / Aki-Pekka Sinikoski


Aalto University has assembled its expertise within certain thematic areas into platforms, which aim to launch and coordinate multidisciplinary collaboration.

Aalto X Reality Demo by Matti Ahlgren

Aalto Digi Platform

Aalto Digi Platform initiates and increases cooperation in the field of digital technologies both inside Aalto and with its industrial and academic partners. Digitalization transforms today's and tomorrow's industries, economics and society, in all walks of life. It shapes innovation landscape and facilitates economic growth.

Aalto Energy Efficiency / Image by Helén Marton

Aalto Energy Platform

The Aalto University Energy Platform initiates and coordinates multi- and interdisciplinary research that supports synergy within the field of sustainable energy solutions.

human-centered living environments by Joel Wolff

Aalto Living+ Platform

Living+ supports multi- and transdisciplinary research on human-centered living environments, one of Aalto University´s key research areas.

Metals_photo Eeva Suorlahti fir Materials Platform

Aalto Materials Platform

The Materials Platform promotes cross-disciplinary collaborations and communication, inside and outside Aalto University, to advance the field of materials science and its applications.