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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting can be used to cut almost any kinds of solid materials. It is mainly used for furniture and object design and for artistic activities. Waterjet cutting offers to students, researchers and teachers the space, equipment and technical personnel for creating prototypes and engaging in artistic activities and short-run production using numerous different materials.
Waterjet cutter in Väre.

Facilities, equipment, tools and materials

Waterjet cutting is a digitally controlled working method in which a high pressure water jet is used, together with an added abrasive, to cut through the material being worked on. Waterjet cutting can be used to cut almost any kind of solid material, such as metals, rock, concrete, glass, ceramic, wood or plastics. It can be used to cut precisely-dimensioned and finely detailed shapes.

Waterjet cutter Omax 55100, maximum cutting area 1397 X 2540 X 200. The cutter has a bevel head.

Work permits and orientation training:

The workshop masters arrange orientation training at the start of semesters and courses. Independent work with the machines is not possible, as the work requires proficiency in 3D modelling. 

Location:  Otaniementie 14, Väre, Floor G, Room K006.

Opening hours:  Mon 13.00-16.00, Tue-Wed 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00


You can send feedback on the workshop’s operations and proposals for developing the workshop to the following address: [email protected]. Write “Feedback on waterjet cutter” in the subject field of the message.

For contact information of the workshop master, and to get instructions on how to use the waterjet cutter, please log into the Aalto website.

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