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“Don’t panic; stop and think.” – the printshop master
Taidegrafiikka / Printmaking

In the printmaking workshop it is possible to study and research multiple printmaking techniques, both old and new. The workshop environment facilitates annual printmaking courses, as well as more independent projects, and it is designed to support users with different skill sets. The printmaking workshop is maintained by a workshop master who is able to provide a variety of services and guidance for those who wish to explore the possibilities of intaglio, silkscreen, woodcut, book binding, risographs and letterpress printing.

The printmaking facility is located outside Väre in Metallimiehenkuja 4, first floor. The workshop master is present on every weekday from 09:00 to 17:00. The workshop is open to all Aalto students and staff. The permission to work in the evenings between 17:15-20:00 is granted to all printmaking students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The evening access requires that the student can work independently with their project and that they are committed to the workshop’s safety guidelines.

Keywords: printmaking, intaglio, silkscreen, woodcut, book binding, risograph, letterpress, linocut, relief printing, etching, drypoint, monotype, monoprint, engraving, printing press.

For contact information and to reserve space in the workshop, please log in to the MyCourses website: ARTS infra workshop access.

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