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Multi-material Workshop

The Multi-material Workshop is a flexible learning and research environment which enables both course-structured teaching and individual work in the fields of, for instance, design, the visual arts, and architecture.
Arts_Infra - Multi-Material Work workshop by Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Various prototypes, art objects and models are made in the facility. Typical materials processed therein are wood, metal, plastic and cardboard, but also in keeping with its name, no material safe to users is prohibited in the workshop. Hand tools are mainly in use in the facility, in addition to light-weight electric and compressed air equipment.

The Multi-material Workshop is location in Väre, G Floor, and consists of three rooms.

  • In the bench room (R001), there are about 30 height-adjustable desks equipped with wheels. The room has an extensive range of hand tools for the processing of various wooden, plastic and cardboard materials, etc., as well as devices operated by means of batteries, luminous flux and compressed air. It should be noted that the special machining/processing connected with the handling of various materials is always performed in the workshops specially designated for them. 
  • In the metal work room (R002), there are about five height-adjustable desks equipped with wheels and providing two work stations for goldsmithery with basic fittings intended for work with precious metals. The facility offers a selection of hand tools intended for metal machining, together with compressed air equipment. In addition, the room offers machine tools designed for manual metal cutting and bending. It should be noted that all spark-producing and hot work must be performed in the workshops separately designated for the task.
  • The grinding room for wooden materials (R003) is equipped with a height-adjustable vacuum table. Grinding equipment operating on electricity or compressed air can be used in the facility. It should be noted that sparks or mineral dust must not be released from the material used in grinding.
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