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A•LAVA Project Information

A•LAVA is a summer theatre built to serve the needs of Annantalo, a Youth Arts Centre in Helsinki
A•LAVA summer theatre under constuction by the Wood Program at Aalto University. Photos: Marc Goodwin & Philip Tidwell

A•LAVA is a summer theatre built to serve the needs of Annantalo, a Youth Arts Centre in Helsinki. The building serves as a performance and exhibition space in an urban lot in Helsinki. It is based on a square shape plan, with varying triangular openings that shape the walls and open the stage in three directions. The roof follows the same principles, raising up to emphasize the location of the stage.

June, 2017

The summer theatre was constructed for the Annantalo Youth Arts Centre in Helsinki to serve as an open air performance and exhibition space.

65m2 (roof canopy)
124m2 (deck)

​Architectural Design and Construction:
​Mathias Björkman, Alba Esther Aguilar Bustamante, Caio Cintra, Rodrigo Giorgi, Riccardo Guerri, Emilia Almqvist Jansson, Noora Kassinen, Loreto Mancilla, Elsa Mendoza, Guido Mitidieri, Teodor Nilson, Tatsuro Sakata, Andrea Settimi, Heidi Silvennoinen, Hannah Smith, Kire Stavrov, Jianlin Sun, Kenji Takahashi, Paul Texereau, Sonja Äärilä

Structural Design:
Antti Haikala (Pentinmikko Engineering)

Philip Tidwell, Pekka Heikkinen, Willem van Bolderen

Walls – dimensional spruce (untreated)
Roof Beams – glue laminated spruce
Roof Surface – water-treated laminated roof panels (Kerto-kate)
Waterproof Roof – PVC coated textile
Decking – heat-treated pine

Würth (hardware), Lunawood (Heat-treated decking)

Marc Goodwin, Philip Tidwell

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A•LAVA under construction, Wood Program, Photo: Philip Tidwell


A•LAVA is a design and construction project realized by the Wood Program at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2016 - 2017


Architecture Department's Wood Program crafts a summer stage for Annantalo

This project consists of a summer stage for Annantalo, an art center for young people and families in Helsinki, to perform in public during the summer season.


This project was realized as part of the Wood Program:

Architect doing handson work at the Wood Program of Aalto University. Photo by Anne Kinnunen

Wood Program

The Wood Program is a one-year program of study that focuses on wood architecture and industrial building. The program is intended for architects, engineers and other students with a background in design and strong interest in timber construction.

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