Campus Sustainability team

The main mission of the Sustainable campus team is to promote sustainable development through the perspectives of ecological, social and economic responsibility.
Aalto Lush Greenery

The team consists of representatives of Aalto University, the Student Union (AYY), and Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (ACRE). For many years, the team has been a concrete promoter of sustainable development activities on campus, both at the level of new ideas and practical implementation.  

The main goals of the team: 

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the campus. 
  • Improve energy efficiency as part of renovation projects, construction, and development of campus services. 
  • Promote and present the utilization of renewable energy sources at the building and block level. 
  • Promote the natural capital and recreational values of the campus. 
  • Ensure the implementation of approved measures. 
  • Involves users in joint development, for example by collecting user feedback, forming student projects, and other methods of involvement. 

The Campus Sustainability team also organizes events for the entire Aalto community on the theme of sustainable development at least twice a year. The team is motivated by adaptation to climate change, the promotion of well-being, natural capital, green spaces, the reduction of emissions and costs, and the smart use of resources. The team's main responsible at ACRE is Satu Kankaala. Feedback and ideas can be submitted through the ACRE feedback form.

Team sponsors 

  • Antti Ahlava / Aalto Campus Development​

  • Ville Jokela, Kari Haapamäki / Aalto CRE​

  • Mikko Jalas / Aalto academic sponsor​

  • Marianna Bom, Ossi Naukkarinen / Aalto management sponsors

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