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Combining an athletic career with studying at Aalto

Aalto University is committed to helping students belonging to the Metropolitan Area Sports Academy Urhea combine studies with sports and to considering the particular needs and challenges of a career in competitive sports.

Below you will find additional information on Aalto University’s support for student-athletes. The support is contingent upon the student’s Urhea membership. If you have been a member of Urhea before beginning your studies at Aalto, you must notify Urhea of your change of study place to have Aalto University notified of your membership. Please contact Urhea to change your details or check with the Urhea contact person of your Aalto school whether your name is already on the university’s list of Urhea members. See the bottom of the page for contact details.

  1. Get to know Urhea ( and become a member unless you already are one. If you have been a member of Urhea before beginning your studies at Aalto, contact Urhea and email them the details of your current place of study. See the contact details on the Urhea website. When you have updated your place of study in the Urhea database, they will inform Aalto of your membership.
  2. When Urhea membership has been confirmed, you will be added to the list of students who are members of Urhea. After that, you will be allowed to take the Urhea courses and will be notified of any current news and events for Urhea members.
  3. If you wish to obtain a certificate of your Urhea membership which serves as a recommendation for teachers to allow flexibility in studies if special arrangements are required due to your career in sports, please contact the Urhea contact person of your school. 
  4. If you wish, you can also book an appointment with the Urhea contact person. With the Urhea contact person you can discuss about combining sports and studies and/or hear about the services available for members of Urhea. See the bottom of the page for contact details. To book an appointment, go to the MyStudies pages. Note that the coordinator/lanning officer of your programme can give you more detailed information about the timing and planning of studies.
  5. Please notify your school contact person if your sporting career ends or you make any changes to your Urhea membership details.

More information

Urhea contact persons in each Aalto school 

Virpi Riissanen

Koordinaattori, opintoasiat
School of Engineering

Elli Hämäläinen

Suunnittelija, opintoasiat
School of Business
 Kari Lehti

Kari Lehti

Suunnittelija, opintoasiat
School of Chemical Engineering

Tiina Kerola

Suunnittelija, Opintoasiat
School of Science

Piia Ylitalo

Study Coordinator
U902 Learning Services
School of Electrical Engineering

Virva Sointu

School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Muodostelmaluistelujoukkue Team Unique'n aaltolaiset luistelijat

Five Aalto students belong to the Finnish Championship winning synchronised skating team Team Unique

The skaters studying at different Aalto schools are Aalto’s Urhea athletes

juoksurata, sports field

From triple jump to submission wrestling – Aalto supports students in combining sports and studies

Aalto University and Urhea have a partnership agreement. Whether your sport is basketball, synchronized skating, or something else, you get encouragement and support to combine practicing and studying



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