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Study at Aalto University in Finland

Are you interested in studying at a high-ranking European university? We at Aalto University offer education in three different fields: arts & design, business & economics, and engineering & technology. You can study from bachelor’s level up to master’s and postgraduate degrees.

Top 5 reasons to study at Aalto University

  1. Unique field combination. Aalto offers multidisciplinary studies in arts & design, business & economics and engineering, science & technology. You can choose courses from each field! 
  2. Top-notch education. Aalto has a high academic standing in international university rankings. We have several high-ranking fields!
  3. Well-organised and safe country. Finland scores high in international comparison in education, safety and quality of life. Finns value equality and our society has a low hierarchy. 
  4. Internationality. Aalto ranks high for international outlook, so you have great opportunities to become more internationally orientated and globally competent. 
  5. Vivid campus. Aalto Campus in the Helsinki Metropolitan area offers excellent services, affordable housing for students, a great study environment, and it is closely connected with nature. 
Applying to Bachelor's Programmes

Unique combination of three study fields

Aalto University brings together the fields of technology, art and business. In each field, there are bachelor's and master's degree programmes suitable for international students. The application period for English-taught bachelor's programmes is 3 – 17 Jan 2024 and for master's programmes 30 Nov 2023 – 2 Jan 2024.

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Get a degree in engineering, technology or science

Studying engineering and technology at Aalto University opens doors for many different work paths for the future. Learn more about the diverse study opportunities.

Study at Aalto
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Get a degree in business

School of Business works for better business and a better society by educating future leaders and through impactful research. We offer bachelor's and master's level business studies as well as doctoral programmes.

Study at Aalto
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Get a degree in arts, design and architecture

We educate the next generation of filmmakers, designers, architects and artists to impact society through their creative work and research.

Study at Aalto

Learn more about Finland and Aalto University

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Get to know Finland and Aalto

Finland’s excellent reputation in education, combined with a wide range of courses offered in English, makes Finland and Aalto University an attractive study destination for international students.

Study at Aalto
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Aalto University performs well in international university rankings. In subject-specific rankings, we place 8th globally in art & design and are in the top 100 in several other subjects. We have gathered information on our performance in the best-known university rankings on this page.

Aalto University
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Career opportunities and employability for Aalto students

Learn about future opportunities, discover alumni stories and explore services that help you to plan your dream career.

Study at Aalto

Meet our students and staff!

You can meet our students and staff members throughout the year. Join our events or chat with our students to learn more about study experiences and applying to Aalto.

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Chat with Aalto students

Are you wondering what it is like to study at Aalto? Come chat with our students about all things Aalto on Unibuddy chat platform.

Study at Aalto
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Webinars on degree programmes

What do the studies really consist of in our degree programmes and study options? Join our webinars and ask directly from the programme heads!

Study at Aalto
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Fairs and events for applicants

This page gives information on upcoming events, fairs and webinars for applicants. Join Aalto students for a virtual coffee every Friday or come meet Aalto University students and staff in Finland and abroad!

Study at Aalto

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