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Admission to the Bachelor's Programme in International Business, Bachelor (Mikkeli) and Master (Otaniemi) of Science in Economics and Business Administration (3 yrs + 2 yrs)

The application period for Bachelor’s Programme in International Business (taught in English) will be organised during 8-22 January 2020 (admission groups I-III). Applicants are selected to complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration at the Mikkeli Campus and Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration at the Otaniemi Campus.
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Selection schedule 2020

The admission to Bachelor's Programme in International Business (admission groups I-III) is organized once a year in the spring Joint Application to Higher Education in January. This admission is for the English-language programmes. Open University Track admission is organized during the second spring joint admission period in March-April in the Aalto University separate application to the field of business and economics and transfer students will apply in a separate admission in May.

Who can apply?

All applicants must fulfill the general eligibility requirements for higher education. You are eligible to apply if you have completed or will complete during spring 2020 one of the following degrees:

  • Finnish matriculation examination
  • International Baccalaureate degree (IB)
  • European Baccalaureate degree (EB)
  • Deutsches Internationales Abitur degree (DIA) or Reifeprüfung degree (RP) in Finland
  • A degree or qualification completed outside Finland that in the awarding country gives eligibility for university studies
  • A Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification, further vocational qualification or specialist vocational qualification as set in the Vocational Education Act (531/2017)
  • Advanced International Certificate of Education -degree (AICE) in Finland

Please note! Any high school diploma awarded abroad does not qualify for International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) and any European high school diploma does not qualify for European Baccalaureate Diploma (EB). Both International Baccalaureate and European Baccalaureate are special programmes and only students that have studied at a school that participates in the International Baccalaureate or the European Baccalaureate programmes can be awarded an IB or EB Diploma. More information on the IB programme can be found at and on the EB programme at

Applicants, who have a study right to complete only Master’s degree at the Aalto University School of Business, cannot apply in this admission. Also applicants, who have a study right to complete both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Aalto University School of Business, cannot apply for the same Bachelor’s degree programme that the applicant already has a study right to.

Applying in more than one of these admission groups is not restricted. Applicants may apply in all admission groups in which they are eligible. An applicant who meets the minimum requirements for both admission groups I and II can be considered in both groups. The applicant is not required to choose which admission group he/she applies in, since all applicants are automatically considered in both admission groups.

Study options and intake

How to apply?

Admissions to Bachelor studies in English are organized through the spring Joint Application to Higher Education. It is currently not possible to apply for studies at Aalto University in the application period for joint application organized in fall.

Applications are submitted through the national Studyinfo service. You can also find all study options available at Aalto University at Studyinfo.

Admission process

The application form for the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business is submitted through the joint online application system to Finnish higher education institutions Applications to the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business (admission groups I-III) must be submitted during the application period 8-22 Jan 2020 (by 15:00 GMT +2:00 hrs). The application period for the Open University Track is 18 Mar – 1 Apr 2020 and for transfer students 4 May – 18 May 2020. You can find our programme from the by using “Aalto University Mikkeli” as your search. Check the deadlines for the required attachments separately. Late applications will not be considered.

More information on the higher education institutions’ student admissions and the application form (application form only during the application period) is available on

Note! All applicants must read the instructions on how to fill the application form carefully. In case there are any questions or confusion about which group the applicant should apply in, the applicant should contact the Aalto University School of Business Mikkeli Campus: [email protected].

Information on the SAT Test

Applicants in admission groups II and III are ranked based on the total score of the SAT test's Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Mathematics sections. If several applicants have received the same score, the applicant with the highest score in the mathematics section of the SAT test will be admitted.

All official results of the SAT tests must be delivered to Aalto University directly from the test organizer. Aalto University ID code (1700) must be included in the SAT registration form. Students who have taken the tests earlier must order the score report to be sent to Aalto University directly form the test organizer.

All applicants applying in spring 2020 must complete the SAT tests by 14 March 2020 at the latest. The official score report must be received by Aalto University by 21 Apr 2020 at 15.00 (GMT +3:00) at the latest (or when College Board releases the results for the March 2020 test date).

Only SAT tests completed 1 Jan 2018 or later will be considered in the admissions. Only SAT test results delivered after 1 Sep 2019 are considered in the 2020 admission. If you have delivered your SAT results to Aalto University earlier, you are required to deliver your results again.

If you have completed more than one SAT test, only the test with the highest total score (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Mathematics sections) will be considered.

Please note that SAT-tests can be fully booked before the final registration date, so please make sure to register for the test well in advance. Aalto University does not organize SAT tests or answer inquiries concerning the tests.

More information on taking the SAT test in Finland can be found at

More information on the SAT test can be found at

Required application documents

Required application documents must be uploaded to the online application form by the given deadlines. All applicants are required to prove their eligibility by providing the required documents.

Application documents are uploaded to the online application form in the Studyinfo service, preferably as PDF files. After you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. You can modify your application and upload documents to your application in the My Studyinfo service. If you cannot log in to the My Studyinfo service, you can modify your application and upload documents to your application via the link included in the confirmation email. You can make changes to the application form only during the application period. After the application period has ended, you can upload and modify your application documents until the document-specific deadlines. You can see the document-specific deadlines on the application form and from the degree-specific instructions below.

Instructions on how to apply.

Language requirements

The language of instruction in the Aalto Bachelor's Programme in International Business is English, so all students are expected to have sufficient language skills to be able to study in English. You are not required to submit a separate language test result, in Admission groups II and III the SAT test results is sufficient proof of language proficiency.

Tuition fees and scholarships

There is a tuition fee for students who are not citizens of the member states of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland. Tuition fees are charged in programmes taught in English.


Admission results

The results for the spring Joint Application to Higher Education are published in the Studyinfo service by 5 June 2020 at the latest. You can check the results by logging in to the My Studyinfo-service. An electronic results letter is also sent to all applicants.

The results for the Open University Track are released by 8 July 2020 at the latest. The results can be found from the My Stydyinfo –service. An acceptance letter is also sent electronically to all applicants.

Admission results for transfer students are released by 15 July 2020 by the latest.

Contact information

Aalto University Mikkeli Campus Study Office

tel:+358(0)50 4389837                                                                                                            

email for admission issues: [email protected]


Aalto Mikkeli Campus WhatsApp

If you have questions concerning applying to the program, you can contact us also through WhatsApp.

You can find more information about the program's  WhatsApp Service here.


Bachelor's Program in International Business - FAQ

We gathered most frequently asked questions if you have something in mind. Questions are about applying, studies and the student life in general.

More information here.


Study option

Bachelor's Program in International Business, Aalto University

Bachelor's Programme in International Business, Mikkeli Campus

The Bachelor’s Programme in International Business (also called the BScBA Program) provides students with a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to build, develop and lead companies on a global scale. A bachelor’s degree in business with an international focus opens up a wide variety of career opportunities in the private and public sectors, across all industries and continents. If you have global ambitions in any form (e.g. study or work abroad), the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business is for you.

Organised at Aalto University’s Mikkeli Campus, you will join a close-knit community of globally oriented and ambitious Finnish and international students. After the intensive Bachelor studies, including a semester abroad at one of the programme’s many top-tier partner universities, you are guaranteed the study right at a Master’s Programme at Aalto University Otaniemi Campus.

Study options
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