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Delivering SAT and ACT test scores

From this page you will find information on the delivery of the SAT and the ACT test score to Aalto University, as well as comparison tables to convert the scores. With the SAT or the ACT test it is possible to apply to Aalto University's bachelor's programmes offered in Finnish and English in the field of Business and Economics as well as to the bachelor's programme offered in English in the field of Science and Technology.
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Delivering SAT and ACT test scores to Aalto University

Only the SAT and ACT tests completed 1 Jan 2022 or later will be considered in the 2024 admissions. 

All official results of the SAT or the ACT test must be delivered to Aalto University directly from the test organizer. Please order your scores to be sent well in advance before the deadline using Aalto University's institutional code:

SAT 1700
ACT 3008

Applicants are ranked based on the total score of the SAT test's Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Maths sections. The ACT test score is converted into a SAT test score according to the following table: 

In the case of a tied score, the applicant with the higher section score from the test section of Maths will be admitted. The ACT Maths section score is converted into a SAT Maths section scores as follows:

Essay section of the SAT test and Writing section of the ACT test are not required and their scores are not counted in. 

Applicants who have taken the tests earlier must order the score report to be sent to Aalto University directly from the test organizer. 

Please note that the SAT and ACT tests can be fully booked before the final registration date, so please make sure to register for the test well in advance.

Aalto University does not organize SAT or ACT tests or answer inquiries concerning the tests. 

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Applying to Bachelor's Programmes

The application period for bachelor's programmes in English is 3–17 January 2024 for studies starting in autumn 2024.

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