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It’s never done alone – contact us and become part of SGT community! We are always looking for project ideas and enthusiastic mentors with various backgrounds.
Action Lab Mexico: Prototypes and Playfulness
Prototypes and playfulness in Action Lab Mexico project. Photo: Jan Ahlstedt

SGT Programme

 Julia Sundman

Julia Sundman

Pedagogical researcher and coordinator

Anni Juvakoski

Post-doc researcher

Mentors and experts play a crucial role in the SGT Studio course and in supporting teams at work. During the studio course, each team will have mentors who guide and coach the team during the whole process

Mentors and experts

Kristjana Aðalgeirsdóttir

Doctoral researcher, Aalto WiTLAB
Humanitarian construction, emergency responses, cultural sensitivity

Daniel Chrisendo

Post-doctoral researcher, Water & Development Research Group
Gender equality, food economics, rural development

Anup Shrestha

Doctoral researcher, Water & Development Research Group
Disaster risk management, flood modelling, risk mapping

Anni Hapuoja

Co-founder of Et-May Oy
Human-centered design, design thinking, field research methods

Veera Pensala

Senior consultant, Consulting Company ZULU
Development cooperation, project management, theory of change
 Bhattarabhop Viriyaroj

Bhattarabhop Viriyaroj

Education assistant, pedagogical and communication support

Anahita Rashidfarokhi

Visiting mentor, post-doc researcher, University of Helsinki
Resilience, social sustainability, futures studies

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