Daniel Chrisendo

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T213 Built Environment

I am an agricultural and development economist. My research interests are related to sustainable food systems, nutrition, gender roles, and farmers' wellbeing.

Areas of expertise

511 Kansantaloustiede, 4 Maatalous- ja metsätieteet, Kansantaloustiede, Maataloustieteet

Research groups

  • Vesi- ja ympäristötekniikka, Tutkijatohtori


Agricultural input shocks affect crop yields more in the high-yielding areas of the world

Aino Ahvo, Matias Heino, Vilma Sandström, Daniel Chrisendo, Mika Jalava, Matti Kummu 2023 Nature food

Socioeconomic Factors of Food Loss in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Daniel Chrisendo, Johannes Piipponen, Matias Heino, Matti Kummu 2023

Socioeconomic factors of global food loss

Daniel Chrisendo, Johannes Piipponen, Matias Heino, Matti Kummu 2023 Agriculture and Food Security

Oil palm cultivation improves living standards and human capital formation in smallholder farm households

Daniel Chrisendo, Hermanto Siregar, Matin Qaim 2022 WORLD DEVELOPMENT

Smallholders in agro-industrial production: Lessons for rural development from a comparative analysis of Ghana’s and Indonesia’s oil palm sectors

Anette Ruml, Daniel Chrisendo, Abdul Malik Iddrisu, Alhassan A. Karakara, Nunung Nuryartono, Evan Osabuohien, Jann Lay 2022 Land Use Policy

Oil palm and structural transformation of agriculture in Indonesia

Daniel Chrisendo, Hermanto Siregar, Matin Qaim 2021 Agricultural Economics

Land-use change, nutrition, and gender roles in Indonesian farm households

Daniel Chrisendo, Vijesh Krishna, Hermanto Siregar, Matin Qaim 2020 Forest Policy and Economics