Tips to maintain togetherness and team spirit

Read what you can do to keep your team happy and motivated.
Four happy students in Aalto BIZ. Photo: Unto Rautio / Aalto University

Arrange common team meetings

  •   Book regular, weekly / biweekly meetings  
  •   Leave time to ask, "how are you doing?" in the beginning of meetings
  •   Encourage everyone to be active during the meetings
  •   Utilize "Team Charter“ to agree on team practices
  •   Mix in some more lighthearted activities
  •   Reserve "team time" or "manager time“ meetings, were anybody can jump in

Arrange formal virtual forums

  •   Have group discussions according to themes or issues
  •   Have groups for sharing success stories, experience and learnings
  •   Arrange ideation and chatting sessions and possibility to work together virtually

Arrange informal online groups - coffee room discussions

  •   Have common morning or afternoon coffee breaks
  •   Provide time for informal chit-chat

Book one-to-one meetings

  •   Be active in keeping in touch with your colleagues online. Practice the use of digital tools.
  •   Stay connected regularly with each other to ask, "how are you doing?"
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