Teaching Lab Events

Teaching Lab provides events, workshops and coaching for designing future-proof education. We want to help teachers and other education practitioners to develop their teaching by sharing innovative methods, ideas and latest information on how to equip students with the future competences.
What is Teaching Lab?
During the inaugural Teaching Lab Studio Week, participants were introduced to the Teaching Lab concept / Photo: Jere Savolainen

Teaching Lab Events aim to...

  • Prepare students for the future of work

  • Help teachers and developers in building work-life relevant courses and programs

  • Host and coordinate innovative teaching and learning practices

  • Experiment with new ideas, methods, and tools to find new ways of future-proof education

  • Spread the latest information about the future of work

  • Connect different stakeholders and encourage educators to partner collaboration

  • Create a community of passionate developers of education

  • Boost the co-creation of Aalto’s future-ready teaching and learning

Co-creating the future of Aalto education

We believe that at Aalto University the best learning environments are built in co-learning ecosystems where the University and its different schools, students from various backgrounds, and partner organizations work and learn together. The future-proof course and program design and development can profoundly benefit from co-creation instead of being something done in solitude. That is why we want to invite you to join our growing community of passionate and future-looking practitioners. We will love to hear if you have any ideas or suggestions for collaboration!

On January 2019 we experimented innovative course design methods during the inaugural Teaching Lab Studio Week. New events and experimentations are coming soon!

Teaching Lab Studio Week

Studio Week vibes

Co-creating the future of teaching and learning

The urgency for new approaches in teaching and learning has been identified at Aalto University. Teaching Lab – a platform and a concept for designing teaching and learning – has been developed to meet the needs of the future of work. The platform, which is still taking shape, will provide Aalto community with the needed resources, materials, and tools.

Teaching Lab Studio Week
Teaching Lab  — Designing future-proof education
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