Teaching Lab Studio Week

Registration for Studio Week is now over! Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm regarding the week, and welcome for all those who signed-up! See you at the first Teaching Lab Studio Week at 9am on Monday the 14th in Väre building, Otaniemi.

Teaching Lab is an incubator for better teaching and learning. It is a collaborative, challenge-based, design-centric approach to the development of teaching and learning. At Aalto University the best learning environments are built in co-learning ecosystems where the university, students, and companies work and learn together.
Teaching Lab / Methods & Tools
Teaching Lab / Impact & Meaning

Learning is a designed activity

During the Teaching Lab Studio Week teachers and developers will be provided with an environment which offers room for innovation, excitement, and hands-on development of courses/programs.

As a participant, you...

  • Learn from the best practices at Aalto University

  • Understand how to build co-learning ecosystems with stakeholders

  • Get hands-on experience and guidance on evaluating and developing new or existing teaching concepts

  • Grow internal networks and identify available supportive resources

Teaching Lab / Motivation & Assessment

Continuous benefits of participation

The participants benefit of participation both during and after the Studio Week.

The benefits include...

  • Personalized coaching from experienced facilitators from different schools

  • Materials and resources available to build better co-learning environments

  • Post-workshop coaching is offered in the form of office hour sessions after the studio week

  • Aalto Teaching Lab welcomes you to a community of like-minded developers at Aalto University

Teaching Lab / People & Community

The event is targeted especially for teachers and developers, and anyone interested in the development of teaching and learning at Aalto University.

There are various ways to participate...

  • You can participate individually or as a team

  • You might be interested in developing an existing course/program or creating a new one

  • Book the whole week for Studio Week or join us only for a couple of sessions

Minimum requirement

  • Join us on Monday and Friday
  • Choose at least two sessions during the middle days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Please note!

We offer exclusively 20 spots for A!Ole pilot project personnel. Please sign up for the video track, if you want to take this opportunity. The video track has three special slots in addition to the program that is open to all our participants. 

For inquiries, contact:

Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula


Teaching Lab  — Designing future-proof education

We provide assistance as well as information and inspiration for designing future-proof education.

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Teaching Lab/ Impact & Meaning

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