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Teaching Forum is the primary community event for pedagogical development at the School of Engineering.
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The primary community event for pedagogical development at the School of Engineering (Aalto ENG) is Teaching Forum, held twice a semester. The vice dean responsible for teaching aligns the forum contents and themes together with the school's pedagogical support.

Aligned with Aalto University's strategy, Teaching Forums aim to promote a learning-centered approach to university teaching and to build a community where it is good to learn and teach. Teaching Forums deal with current topics related to university teaching, the practical work of teachers and the development of teaching.

Teaching Forums are primarily aimed at the teaching staff and other staff of the School of Engineering. Students, other members of the Aalto community and partners are also warmly welcome. Teaching forums provide an opportunity to share one's own knowledge, learn from others and participate in the development of teaching at the School of Engineering.

Teaching Forum events in 2023

Teaching Forum events in 2022

Teaching Forum events in 2021

If you are interested in the materials of previous Teaching Forums or would like to suggest a topic for the Teaching Forum, please contact: [email protected]

Additional information: Pedagogical specialist Heidy Tiits-Tikkanen ([email protected])

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Teaching and learning

A landing page for teachers to help them find services and support related to teaching and learning.

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Pedagogical training: main page

Do you want to develop yourself as a teacher? Start Aalto pedagogical training with A! Peda Intro and continue with other core courses, or check the available elective courses.

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