Sustainable development at the School of Business

The mission of Aalto University obliges the University to promote sustainable development. Sustainable development is connected both to the school's and the University’s activities and to the contents of research and teaching. Our intention is to integrate sustainability and responsibility into all teaching and research and be Finland’s leading sustainable university campus in 2020.

Sustainability and responsibility in teaching and research

The intention of Aalto University is to promote the themes of sustainable development in line with the strategic priority areas. These themes include the sustainable use of energy and natural resources and a human-centric living environment. Aalto’s sustainable development is realised in interdisciplinary cooperation with all six schools.

PRME network

PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) is a voluntary network of universities and higher education institutions providing teaching in business and management. The network operates under the UN. The School of Business signed the principles of the network in 2008 and has thus committed to sustainability and responsibility in its operation, curriculum and research.

The latest SIP report (Sharing Information on Progress) of the School of Business on the PRME website

Further information: PRME (

Other forms of cooperation

Other examples of cooperation in the field of sustainable development at the School of Business include:

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