Sharing large files

You can find instructions for sharing and transferring large files (hundreds of gigabytes) here. Recommended ways are Aalto Dropbox and Funet FileSender.

Data security

  • Never give your Aalto user account to anyone.
  • Do not use personal services (Whatsapp, Facebook, etc) to transfer work-related files.

Funet FileSender file sharing service

The Funet FileSender is an easy-to-use, browser-based file sharing service for sending large attachment files. With Funet Filesender, you can transfer and share files up to several gigabytes in size. 

Funet FileSender is based on the open-source FileSender application specially developed for higher-education institutions and research communities. The service is available to all Funet organisations included in the Haka user identification system. Funet FileSender is not intended for the permanent storage of files; all files are deleted after a predetermined period of time.

  • Secure and safe way to transfer max. 300 GB files.
  • The sender or receiver needs an account for Haka login (ex. Aalto user account). The other party needs only an email address. 
  • The sender uploads the file via a web browser and the receiver gets a download link for the file.
  • For confidential data, use the built-in encryption by providing a password, and share the password via a secure channel (like phone/SMS)
  • The service is available at:

Aalto Dropbox

Aalto Dropbox is a cloud storage and collaboration platform available for Aalto employees. Aalto Dropbox suits well especially those who use Dropbox within research groups or collaborate externally already with Dropbox. Additionally, if you’re already using Dropbox for your work and with your email address, by joining Aalto Dropbox you’ll get all the benefits from Dropbox Business and won’t have to pay for the features individually.

More information: 

Aalto Dropbox: Quick guide | Aalto University

Dropbox on Aalto Linux laptop (not supported) | Aalto University

How to use Dropbox Transfer | Dropbox Help



  • Secure and safe way to transfer any sized files.
  • The sender needs an SFTP server and the receiver SFTP client or vice versa.
  • Aalto workstations have WinSCP Client installed. Linux/Unix systems have SCP command.
  • If you need an SFTP server, contact Aalto ITS Service Desk.

More information: WinSCP Official Site - Free SFTP and FTP client for Windows


  • Unreliable and insecure method.
  • Not suitable for confidential or people-related data without additional encryption.

Data Storage, File Services

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People in Learning Center

File storage space for research and groups (TeamWork)

Researchers, research groups and projects can use the specific TeamWork file service. Features are adjusted to meet the needs of each group.

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