Research Specialized IT End User Support (RSITE)

Is your IT dilemma complex or difficult to explain? Is it difficult to ask advice when working on remote mode?

Regular receptions for schools (currently SCI and ENG) to provide IT support for researchers. During the dedicated times, experts from both your own department and IT Services are available for your questions.
Table showing the contact points.

SCI and ENG have their own reception times. These schools use Zoom for the receptions. Links to the receptions are permanent. The timetable for the receptions changes only if absolutely necessary.

The online reception via Zoom allows you to show the actual problem by sharing your computer screen. In addition, it allows an easy way for asking more questions, when necessary. This helps our experts to help you receive a workable resolution immediately. 

During the Zoom sessions, we can use breakout rooms for private discussions. 

Zoom receptions are designed to help especially with demanding IT support needs, but everyone who comes to the reception will get help. In addition to Zoom receptions, previous service channels are still available. 

Reception times:

Come and join the discussions!

If your school is not yet listed above and for more information, please contact:
IT Services
Osku Kaijalainen
[email protected]

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IT Services for Research

A selection of IT tools for researchers including devices, collaboration solutions, websites, IT support as a service, data storages and backups, data transfers, computing, on-premise and cloud resources, security support, and IT guiding.

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IT Services

You can find up-to-date news, contact information, chat and instructions of frequently used IT services at IT-help hub: accounts, passwords, email, MFA, vpn, printing, teams, zoom, VDI and guidelines how to procure workstations and phones.

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