RDM training

There is a variety of training materials targeted to improve data management skills and knowledge of both researchers and support personnel.

Why are research data management (RDM) skills valuable to researchers?

  • Skills and knowledge related to RDM are the precondition for ensuring the quality of data, the documentation, preservation and reuse of data.
  • RDM skills are needed especially in the beginning of research process when writing data management plans to fulfil the funders’ requirements.
  • Before the data gathering phase begins, it’s imperative that all the permissions and licenses are in order.
  • Furthermore, when opening the data, RDM know-how is needed.

Aalto University provides RDM and open science training 

Training in Autumn 2020

Series of Research Data Management training will be organized in October-November 2020. If you need information or wish to suggest a topic for future RDM training, please, contact [email protected].

  1. Introduction to Research Data Management | 21.10., 10:00-10:45 | Slides are available here
  2. Basics of anonymization | 27.10., 10:00-10:45 | Enroll here
  3. Handling of personal data | 30.10., 10:00-11:30 | Enroll here
  4. How to store research data? | 03.11., 10:00-10:45 | Enroll here
  5. How to store and share personal and confidential data? | 03.11., 12:00-12:45 | Enroll here
  6. Why and how to publish datasets? Introduction and practical steps | 18.11., 10:00-10:45 | Enroll here
  7. Help in publishing datasets | Click the link to request the consultation

School or data specific training sessions

  1. How to make your code reusable | 12.11., 10:00-10:45 | Enroll here
  2. How to make your research reproducible
    1. SCI | 10.11., 10:00-10:45 | Enroll here
    2. ENG | 11.11., 10:00-10:45 | Enroll here
    3. ELEC | 11.11., 13:00-13:45 | Enroll here
    4. CHEM | 12.11., 13:00-13:45 | Enroll here
  3. Hands-on training on publishing datasets
    1. SCI | 23.11., 10:00-10:45| Enroll here
    2. ENG | 24.11., 10:00-10:45 | Enroll here
    3. ELEC | 24.11., 13:00-13:45 | Enroll here

Face-to-face consultations either with individual researchers or research groups. Organized by request: please, contact [email protected] or make the request by following the link.

If you are interested in ordering a training/workshop on RDM and open science (e.g. for a department, research group, project, doctoral students), please contact [email protected].

RDM training archive

You will find the slides and recordings of the previous trainings in the archive (Log in with Aalto credentials).

Examples of training in videos:

Research Data Management (RDM) training: Introduction and Basics: Videos and presentation materials of the event

Research Data Management (RDM) training : best practices in RDM and personal data handling: Video and presentation materials of the event

Other tools

 ACRIS - Information on open access publications are collected in ACRIS. ACRIS is also the metadata catalogue of Aalto's research data.

Visual Resource Centre (VRC) - The VRC service helps to find and use high quality, authentic and current visual information sources from a variety of subjects. The VRC offers free visual resources training open for all Aalto University students, researchers and staff including advice on image copyright issues and Creative Commons licenses.

Research identification, e.g. ORCID - Researcher identifiers aim to lessen the problems caused by ambiguity in researcher names. Aalto University recommends ORCID identifier for every researcher.

Learning resources


Name Target group and content Other Assessment
Expert tour guide on Data Management Social science researchers, but  its is useful for all researchers who work with quantitative and qualitative data originating from human participants The course is produced by CESSDA ERIC (the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives European Infrastructure Consortium). Easy to follow, comprehensive course with good structure. Recommended!
University of Bristol: Research data bootcamp This 30-min online tutorial is appropriate for all members of the University who undertake research with some kind of digital aspect   The tutorial is informative and easy to follow.
Mantra Research Data Management Training Mantra is a web based training course that takes you through the whole RDM-process. Mantra is divided to nine learning modules: documentation and metadata, data management planning, sharing, organising, storing and security. The course offers a general introduction to RDM, no answers to specific how-to-do questions. Mantra is provided by the University of Edinburgh and is updated by the librarians at the University of Edinburgh.  
Avoimen tieteen verkkokurssi/ An open introductory course into the practices of Open Science An open introductory course into the practices of Open Science explains how to make the most of the existing outputs of open research. This course is suitable for anyone interested in Open Science.

Even though most of the course is in Finnish, some of the sections (Open Access as the basic principle of science, Research planning that enables Open Access, Open Science Knowledge Test)  are available in English.
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Finnish Doctoral Studies Network course on open science This is a one-month online course on the elementary issues of open science. It consists of four main sections: open science, open access, open data and open research process.The course is suitable for all beginners in open science topics.

Lots of videos and additional material is attached to the course.
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A good basic course.
Open Science training content by FOSTER A collecion of courses from different topics: open science, text and data mining, responsible research and innovation.The courses are free to read and download, but registration is required. FOSTER Plus (Fostering the practical implementation of Open Science in Horizon 2020 and beyond) is a 2-year, EU-funded project, carried out by 11 partners across 6 countries.  
The Australian National Data Service guides and other resources A collection of guides and resources by ANDS. In addition, page advises on e.g. metadata, citations and FAIR-principles.

The Australian National Data Service (ANDS’) core purpose is to make Australia’s research data assets more valuable for researchers, research institutions and the nation.

CSC Customer training CSC training on computing, data management, and information networks    


The handbook discusses the most important themes of open science and research.

The Finnish Social Science Data Archive guidelines help to understand the RDM related themes from the perspective of the research data life cycle. The guidelines consist of eight themes: the purpose of data management and reuse, data management planning, copyrights, informing research participants, processing quantitative and qualitative data, anonymization and storage. Although researchers from all branches of research benefit from the comprehensive guidelines, the researchers who use survey and textual data might benefit most.

A group of  authors came together in February 2018  to create an open, living handbook on Open Science training. High-quality trainings are fundamental when aiming at a cultural change towards the implementation of Open Science principles. The topics of training range from open concepts and principles to examples and practical guidance.

The guide by CSC IT Centre for Science provides help with the various stages of research data management.


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Links to research data management instructions

Follow these links to navigate through research data management instructions.

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Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Science

Properly managed research data creates competitive edge and is an important part of a high-quality research process.

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