Quick guide: artistic and non-textual outputs in ACRIS

Information on the criteria of eligibility of artistic outputs and a quick guide for adding artistic and non-textual outputs.

Criteria for eligibility of artistic outputs

Artistic outputs are equivalent to research outputs in ACRIS. Below is the criteria for eligibility which follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland:

  • The output is the outcome of the artist’s or designer’s intentional work based on their artistic vision, and at least one of the contributors must be connected to the university.
  • The output must be exposed in public and be available to the general public at least for a limited period of time.
  • The output has been commissioned, received or used for artistic purposes in some activity by an external organisation independent of the university.
  • The output must be peer‐reviewed. This means that someone else than the designer or artist themselves has decided ‐ based mainly on artistic criteria ‐ to exhibit or otherwise publish the output. It may be a curator, producer, commissioner, publisher or an independent jury or other instance.
  • Evidence of its appearance in public must also be available afterwards.

Quick guide to adding artistic or non-textual outputs to ACRIS

  1. Log into using your Aalto username and password.
  2. Start entering the work by clicking the button Add content on the right upper corner of the main page. 
  3. Click first Research outputs. The different categories appear on the right hand side column. Choose Artistic and non‐textual form
  4. The various categories of artistic or design activities appear on the right. Please choose one of these templates.  
  5. Add fields relevant information.
  6. Save status For validation.
  7. Click Save.
Adding artistic and non-textual outputs to ACRIS

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